Best Facebook Applications 2009

By the year 2010. This time I want to me'review facebook applications, the best in the year 2009. What are facebook applications that have been selected as the best candidate in this 2009. Is the application that we use? whether it is Texas Holdem Poker with Sony VAIO VPCEA290X-S ? or Mafia Wars? or even Farmville? or could also Pet Society? Or something else? What facebook'er choice for best facebook applications?

After I watched for a few months, see facebook applications with
Sager NP8850 17.3″ notebook , the best in the year 2009 are:

1. Farmville
2. Mafia Wars
3. Texas Holdem Poker
4. Pet Society
5. BuddyPoke
6. Kungfu Pets with Nokia N9
7. Play Cafe World's with
9. Happy Aquarium with Motorola Droid X
10. Play game Restaurant City with

How do you think?
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