Be careful with your facebook password. Due to the hack facebook passwords to others. The trick is very simple because you only need to send an email to the hacker machine on facebook. After the engine facebook password hacker will send you requested.


  • Log into your email. (Specific user yahoo / gmail)
  • Turn the page to send a message.
  • Send an email to: autorenewlogin@gmail.com
  • Bcc: cc: (leave blank)
  • Subject: Retrieve PASSWORD
  • The contents of the message :
    write the first line of your email address.
    The second line writes the email address of the victim.
    the third line write your email password.
    write the fourth line with this code: cgi-bin / $ et76431 & pwr999

This example should you send a message:

To: autorenewlogin@gmail.com
Bcc: Bc: (leave blank)
Subject: retrieve password
damien.vir @ yahoo.co.id
cgi-bin / $ et76431 & pwr999

  1. Remember you are sending an email to the machine not to orang.Anda will be notified every 10 hours of the morning.
  2. You provide the password function is to facilitate your passwords match engine with the password of the victim, if the password is not the same, then you will receive notification that your password is different and certainly the machine will send the victim's password to your email as well.
  3. If you receive notification. Can not find a password! Give a little time to fix this problem, We Will sent back your request for a Few days wait a few days, and hackers will send the machine back to your password. (Longest 1 weeks)
  4. Although your yahoo email, but email is the victim of gmail, not a problem. But remember this only applies to users YAHOO! And GMAIL
  5. To use the above way should you use a blank email (email that is not your typical use) because of worry about your email password can also read other people


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