Easy ways Caring for Laptops

Laptop users are now pretty much already widespread, ranging from office workers to educational institutions. But still many people who often make mistakes in caring for a laptop, so the laptop is often easily damaged. For that, the author reveals how to treat a great way a laptop or notebook with a good and true. So useful for you the owner of this product.

The following tips are telling:

  1. Avoid putting the notebook on soft surfaces or smooth. Such as sofas, beds and karfet. Therefore, such use would inhibit the flow of air at the bottom of the notebook and can cause overheating.
  2. If you download free software from the Internet, do not be vain. Moreover software such as if as an antivirus. Use the software that you have learned from the package you buy a laptop. However, if you still want to use the downloaded software, so make sure you have scanned with antivirus software you have.
  3. Avoid laptop laying on the floor. Therefore, it can be at risk of foot trampled laptop, your child, or a pet. Laptop when placed on the floor, also will quickly soiled by the dust.
  4. Electric stabilizer plugs in to your laptop. If you are working on a laptop using electricity (without batteries), then you should use a stabilizer that can prevent the occurrence of voltage instability into your laptop.
  5. Do not place any objects between the keyboard and laptop screen. This is very dangerous, because the risk of a large scratch on the screen. Surely you do not want to replace a laptop screen scratch because it?
  6. When carrying a laptop in the bag, you must be careful. Bag used to carry a laptop bag was not any. Use a bag that was used for the laptop so that other objects will not scratch the specific parts of the laptop.
  7. Do not ever drink or eat or put drinks containing fluid around a laptop. This is dangerous, because the laptop is very sensitive to the fluid on the laptop, such as liquid into the keyboard.
  8. Do not ever try to disassemble your own laptop. This is an action that is not wise. Laptops are not like the radio or regular tape recorder. Many parts of a very small part of the manufacturer have been assembled using robotic precision. If you're careless, then your laptop could be damaged severely. Always carry a broken laptop to a dealer or service center of your laptop.
  9. Do not put the notebook in place that becomes very hot. Like the sun or in the car parked for a long time in the open during the day.
  10. Avoid your notebook from any kind of water. Although later also will dry up, sooner or later the circuit in the laptop or the battery will slowly rust.


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