How to get Free Paw Points Pet Society on facebook

For fans of Pet Society on Facebook who want free money can follow the following steps to improve Paw Points,

1. First, open the application Pet Seciety in Firefox or IE. My other browsers would not recommend, because I have not tried it.

2. Lemparlah ball with your pet as much as 5 times in a row to get the coin. Actually, this is not the only way. You just need to make you improve your own coins, although only 1 coin.

3. Open the program Cheat Engine 5.4, and then click the button in the upper left corner to see a list of processes on your computer.

4. Find the browser you use on your computer process list. If you are using Firefox, look for firefox.exe process, if you are using IE, look for iexplorer.exe process. Select and click OK to open it.

5. Check the box "hex" box. Insert Value 840FFF85C12A0FF2 in place.

6. Change the value of his type with 8 bytes.

7. Check the box "Also scan read only memory".

8. Click on "First Scan" button.

9. You will probably get 2 of search results. Note, several people mentioned that they got 3 search results or even just 1. If you get 3 results, ignore the first and try to give attention to the results of the second and third. If you do not get results, then there is one step that you just ignore. Check back. If you believe you have done the right thing, maybe it was the fault of the browser you use. Make sure you are using Firefox 3 or IE7 with Flash Player 9 is installed in it, not 10 or 8 or even better one. If you only get 1 result, probably one of the currency. I try it with caution. If you want to hack Paw Points but you can not since you only get 1 result for a coin, you can read Note 2 at end of post.

10. Now, this is one of the next trick. 2 results that will show your address and Paw Point Coin. Usually, the first is to Coin while the second is for Paw Point. How do we know about it? Okay, I'll let you in Step 13 later. So, we want to cheat to mengambah coin, so let's try that first. Right-click the first result (try the latter if you get 3 results like I mentioned above) and select "Disassemble this memory region". Thus, new window will open.

11. Right click on the first line and select "Toggle breakpoint" and then select Yes.

12. Back to the browser you are using (which you can do with just click "Alt" "Tab").

13. Play / throw the ball again in 5 times in a row. When you reach the first 5, the screen will freeze (freeze). Do not panic, it shows that the coin hack pet society has worked. GIVE ATTENTION HERE! If you reach the first 5, the screen freeze when the ball hits the ground, meaning the first result (as I have mentioned in Step 10 above) is for Paw Points. If you get this first, then the rest of the steps that you will not coin hack your Paw Points. Will not like it Not? Then, try to repeat steps 10, and selecting the second result. That may be your coins. Indicators to show that the correct result (for coins) is when the screen is frozen when you turn / throw the ball in the 5th. Cast, not when the ball on the floor (this is an indicator for Paw Point). Remember this.

14. Back to the Cheat Engine to use "Alt" "Tab" Because Mouse will not work.

15. Viewing the right side Cheat Engine new window and select one ecx. Change the value of ecx to "9999". If you enter more than that, the game will get a MISTAKE! "9999" is a safe value. After that click OK.

16. Go to "Debug" menu bar on the Cheat Engine and choose "Run". (Shortcut is to press F9 key)

17. Back to Pet Society again. Nothing has changed? That may be. Exit the room out of the house or move to another place if you have more than 1 room. EDIT! Thanks to Desperate Guy, money may not be improved simply by doing so. You must get out of the house and go back by pressing the "home" button. Move to another room or a walk in the house will not reimburse you. If there is an opportunity by not increasing the money you just move to another room, try to re-enter the house by pushing the button "home". Good luck! :)

18. Viola! Your money will increase by approximately 39.320 (if you had entered before 9999)!

19. Repeat the process from Step 11 if you want more. Be careful, sometimes the game will get an error if you use a cheat repeatedly. Several others note that it's more safe to repeat the process from Step 8 (re-scan it).

Seems difficult and a lot of steps should be done instead? Actually its not, It is very easy and can be done in a very short time. Just saw the video for more details. If you have problems, do not mind to leave a message / comment here. You can also read the comments below, you will get the answer to your problem there. Thank you.

Cheat might not work again in the future if there is an update to prevent this cheat works. But until now, even after they perform maintenance and updates several times, the cheat is still working. Make Only, before you do not have that opportunity, hehehe.

Note 2:
For those who want to use Paw Points cheat, beware! Do not enter a value too large for the first time trial. Do not ever try to use the 9999 values, before you know it is safe. Some of my friends have had problems with it. They have gained MINUS Point Paw Paw or even a LOT Hack Point (which is more than 800 million Paw Points!) The real trouble will be dragged. There may be someone pet report to admin and you might be banned. For me, it was more than enough to just use the cheat coin. If you want to get a lot of Paw Points, you only use the money to buy lots of expensive luxury goods, and the kingdom will be given as gifts to your friends. You'll get much in the way of honest Paw Points.

Remember that, now the maximum level of 34, and I suggest to not increase the Paw Points to more than 250,000, it was already quite high (I have a friend who has 240.000 Paw Points and he got it without a cheat - but - from playing the game one month). Okay, I just want to play it safe. It's your decision to play it safe or not


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