How to get a free token ninja saga

For a happy and playing games on facebook ninja saga and want to get a free token can follow the following ways:

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  1. After the entry into application of Ninja Saga, select the tab "Saga Earn Tokens"
  2. See the orange line, the words "Offerpal, TokenAds, Super Reward"
  3. Who had been tried and confirm tokennya :
  • Token Ads: Join the AIP, a total of 87 tokens
  • Super Reward: Download Gaming Harbor, a total of 24 tokens
  • Super Reward: Join Perfspot Social Network, a total of 30 tokens
  • AdParlor: GetReal Ring tone, content hp + confirm your PIN number (Toll Hp IDR.4000/day reduced, but could in UNREG), total 56-64 tokens
  1. Total token that we can get: 205 token max
  2. Enjoy a free token


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