How to Play easily with Farmville Farmville bot

This article discusses more about how - how to play Farmville with a very, very easy and much faster. In my previous article about Trick Tips: Main Farmville easy and quick, has discussed ways - ways to make it easy clicks without having to bother - difficult to click one by one. Now there are more great tool again, with this tool we even need a few clicks, but all work like harvesting, hoeing and planting seedlings can already settled in the blink of an eye. Even not only that, helping neighbors could also be done automatically. Interesting is not .. we just have to wait it out, and all work is done by itself.

This tool is more accurately described by the BOT. Because the work itself, with very little interference from us. Get to the topic. First download a program called farmvillebot this one first. Then run IE and go to, do not forget to unchecked the option Keep me logged in.

Once logged in, open the Tools menu - Internet Options - Security. Click the Custom Level button kmudian scrolling to the very bottom, there is the User Authentication, change to Automatic logon with current username and password.

If all is finished, open up to display Farmville application fields emerged, kmudian close IE. Farmvillebot Install and run the application. Open the settings tab, and configure as shown in the picture below. Customize what you want to crop is planted, press the + (plus), select seeds and the amount. (I usually enter in 1000). Do not forget to check the Plant.

Back to the Main tab, and look writings While the bot is working, you May not anything on the farm do manually. Do not do anything when the bot is working, we could only see - see the field by sliding - sliding screens or with the zoom. To view the activity of a bot, click the Extended log on the right.


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