Printer settings in Windows 7

Sometimes we saaat reinstall the windows, we forgot to install the printer driver. But when install Windows 7 in the Laptop, of all the components in these laptops will be recognized by Windows 7, including the printer if it has a USB port on termasang at proficiency level in these laptops. But if not already installed, before adding other components should be installed the printer first. Then when the printer is already installed on your laptop's USB port, then try the printer, whether it can be used, or still not recognized properly by Windows 7 you.

So when they walk and can be used by utilizing the existing application, then the printer is ready to use and not problematic. However, if the printer attached still can not use the printer this means that you plug in your laptop is still problematic. In this you still get a chance to fix it. When a printer is connected can be recognized, but could not score, meaning the driver is installed is still not perfect. But if the printer is not recognized, Windows 7, it means the printer physically problematic. In this case the connection could be unfavorable, the printer can also do have problems and need repair.

Please note if the printer is connected in a network known as Network Printer, means computer you use has not been connected to the network. Due to use network printer installation required stating the number of IP addresses or IP Address of the printer. Then if printer sharing is connected (Printer Sharing) is installed in one PC that requires any special installation and can not be directly identified. But if the computers in the network is already connected, you can bet the printer will be recognized when all of the network is using Windows 7 or any other Microsoft family of operating systems.

Thus if you want to get something good in terms of maximum use of the printer or the other, then use the well-known operating system reliable, sophisticated and understand the all-terrain, such as Windows 7.


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