9 superiority of Windows 7

1. Finding Files Quickly
To find the file is not too difficult and does not require a long time. How to live click on the Start menu and type in any search box to search. Once open, select what you want and quickly be realized.

2. See all Window With Easy
At the time many windows open, sometimes we confused the name or contents. Windows 7 to help you see easily with just peeking out from the taskbar. The way the floating-layankan cursor over the icon of an open window. 'd Seen the name of the icon and the program. Layangkan again on the preview to see the whole screen. Click to link deangan window you want to see.

3. Peek your Desktop
Many times we have to close the window one by one to see the desktop.
Aero features to help you peek Peek desktop without touching the window. How to cast your cursor over a square box at the bottom right corner. Click above to minimize all the open windows. When the desktop screen opens, click to view Nagi back.

4. Finding What Desired With Very Easy
Jump List in Windows 7 to help you find files, songs, pictures, or other documents in the desktop quickly. This reduces the wasted time you find a document which operated yesterday. This feature is the start menu and taskbar. With 1 click, you can see the website often used in Internet Explorer 8. You can attract and remove a file from the Jump List.

5. Comparing 2 Window for Each Other
Features Snap helps us look back at the window with a better and easier to compare 2 documents to each other. Carannya by pulling the window to one side of the screen. When the mouse pointer to the other side, a window will snap half of the screen. To extend the vertical, pull the border to the edge of the screen. When the mouse pointer on the edge, the window will snap to a full vertical.

6. One Click Can All
With pin feature, you can access the taskbar with one click.
Place the cursor over your favorite programs and drag to the taskbar. Or right click on it and select "pin" on the Taskbar. Your program will be a pin. To open, click on the Taskbar icon. You can open the pin with the other programs at the time.

7. Set-up Wireless With Easy
With Windows 7 wireless set-up much easier. You can add others, including network printers and digital media player. How to launch the wizard "Add a Device" and then type the pin location on mobile devices.

8. Surfing the Internet with Fast, Safe and Easy
Internet Explorer 8 makes use of the Internet so much faster, safer and easier. Through the web slices, you can trace specific information. It's easier to follow than an auction on eBay or the latest news from ESPN. Instant contact with the internet explorer search, the results can be followed in real time. The search results are also equipped with the SmartScreen, the filter that protects you from spam, viruses and others. InPrivate privacy while helping you explore the virtual world after closing the browser.

9. Personalize YOUR COMPUTER
With Windows 7, you are not too hard to make a computer more personal. This is simply right click on desktop then click personalize to choose from many themes of interest or turn the desktop back into the slide show favorite photos. Click on Gadgets to add information that is often needed on the desktop.


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