How to win On the Endgame?

Actually very simple if we want to win playing Travian

  1. You need to seize two of the nation Natar Construction Plan.
  2. You need to build a "World Wonder" (World of Wonder)
How do I take it Construction Plan?

Construction plans hidden in several oases throughout the nation's Natar Travian is guarded very closely. Only the bravest knight who akam able to secure (rob) plan and took it home so that the development of "Wonders of the World" can be done.

To rob a series of Natar Construction Plan, it is as the following TERMS:

You must be a full attack (NOT Raid ...!!!)
»You must win the battle (the attacks)
»You must DESTROY Treasure Chamber (cata targets)
»Knights of rope you have to attack, because the only knight who can bring Construction Plan.
»A 10-level Science Warehouse MUST be empty in the original village attacks.

NOTE: If the above criteria are not met, the next assault (from anyone) are eligible to take and obtain Construction Plan.

Construction Plan .. what's the point?

To build a "Wonders of the World" (World of Wonder), you must have a Construction Plan
(you = the holder of the World Wonders of the village) from level 0 to 50, and from level 51 up to 100 you will need a set of Construction Plans on your Alliance!
Two sets of Construction Plans on the account owner of the village "Wonders of the World."

The first alliance is finishing up a "World Wonders" level of 100 will win this game.
  • To be able to build a "Wonders of the World" from level 1 to level 100 in a village Natar must conquer (conquer).
  • Capital Natar village does not slide on the conquered.
  • Each "Wonders of the World" will be invaded Natar every five levels. Began to level 95, each level will be invaded by Natar.
  • "Wonders of the World" is the highest ranking will receive the most severe attacks. Natar strength will increase with increasing levels of "Wonders of the World."
  • Village "Wonders of the World" can not serve as the Capital.

Game "ended" when a "World Wonder" reached level 100. Two weeks later, the entire account will be deleted and the server restarted (reset / restart)


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