Settings IIS7 Windows 7

To add features to a Windows computer IIS 7 you quite easily. Here you can simply display the control panel, then select Programs and Features and click Turn Windows Off or On, then select it and click on IIS, and then click OK and let Windows 7 perform its duties until the process of adding these components is completed.

Actually there are still other ways you can do to add the IIS component or another component of this. But in general, and is most easily done as described above.

To test whether the IIS features are already active or not you can run commands and enter http://localhost. If no error occurs your browser will display the page as shown in Figure 2. Thus, you certainly will ask whether the IIS is you do not need Windows Server? Indeed, if you will create a simple website without involving a lot of applications could be, but of course if you want to get maximum results available applications such as SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, MS Communications Server, and so on IIS maybe existing Windows 7 will not work maximum.

IIS 7 in Windows 7 is generally the same as that incude IIS 7 in Windows Server 2008. So all fasiitas already available, only limited in nature and can only be used to run a website without involving sophisticated applications as described above.

What if the Web Server with Windows 7 was used to run HTML-based Web site? Of course if the website you will wake up the HTML-based IIS in Windows 7 can now be used. For details you can display the IIS Manager there appear some components that are supported by existing IISn7 in Windows 7 Ultimate.

To save a Web of data that is being done can be saved in a directory Inetpub / wwwroot. So in general is just as dishonest as Windows Server 2008. You also can create a virtual driectory, and store it in a particular folder on your computer. For this time I tried to save a simple HTML file in the folder Inetpub / wwwroot. You can try it.

If you already have an html document or other type could also be to try and created a virtual directory, then you use the option to restart Restart IIS7 you use. From endela IIS Manager you can use browse option to display your website in IE 8 that you use. Or it could also write http://localhost or https / localhost.

Please note if you use the option of New Website or Virtual Directory you have to do some setting in Bindings, Basic Settings, Default Document, and so forth, you can simply run a website that you create.


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