Tips to Play Poker in VIP without VIP Pass

For Pokerholic who want to play in the VIP, because it is a pride myself if there are labels in the acount our VIP Pass. To enter our VIP Table must buy a VIP pass for 1M, if the chips have a lot not a problem, but for the friend's apartment who had just started playing poker is very much money 1M

So the solution is very easy, this tips I have tried and succeeded, it might be a bug from Zynga pokernya, how:

  1. Log your Facebook acount
  2. Go to Poker Application
  3. Once in the lobby you have to have a friend who was playing in the VIP. This is a key point, because without friends who already join in the VIP we can not get into the VIP, because we use the hole from our friends the VIP table.
  4. If you already have a friend who was playing in the VIP, right click and click 2x Tournament Join in the ID of our friends who were playing at the VIP table. Remember to be quick, the time interval of only 2 seconds only, not to open tournamennya table, so be quick click.

  • See the picture below, it's all there was a VIP Pass is only my own that does not exist PASS VIP

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