Why you should join the insurance health?

Health is very important, so the mind does not rest if there is no guarantee for the cost of our health because if it is guaranteed health happier lives.

Health insurance is a type of insurance that helps the availability of health insurance funds if participants esophageal disorders or diseases. All needs from seeing a doctor, stay (care) in hospitals, drug costs in the hospital until the operation, all that can be borne by the insurance company. In general the type of treatment or other programs available are the benefits of outpatient (Outpatient), benefit of inpatient care (inpatient), labor benefits and dental benefits.

In general the benefits of outpatient (Outpatient) that are borne by the insurance company is like a general practitioner and consulting fees, or specialists, the cost of prescription drugs, the cost of preventive measures, the cost of assistive devices required by the physician, and others. In the outpatient benefits have maximum limits use of funds each year. While the inpatient benefit can be enjoyed by participants of health insurance is like a hospital expenses, laboratory fees, delivery fees, the cost of emergency service (emergency). The benefits of preventive dental care, basic dental care, dental care complex, and the installation of dentures.

Third benefit of treatment, namely outpatient, childbirth, and dental care benefits are additional options we can take by following the basic program, ie, hospitalization benefits. So, we are not allowed to just take advantage of outpatient only, childbirth or dental work alone without following the basic program inpatient benefits.

The amount of premium payable and the amount of coverage in health insurance is dependent upon the health insurance program that we choose. Various insurance companies have the types of programs and the premium varies with the details of different benefits as well. Usually insurance companies limit the number of total costs that can be used per year.

To cope with all that you can take insurance, you must pay insurance premiums every month. It looks like money is lost. But if one day something happens to your health, then your medical expenses will be covered. If you do not take insurance, it means you're spending less each month. If one time you are exposed to severe illness (which cost tens or even hundreds of millions of rupiah), then your own medical expenses. Well, why should you follow the insurance? Because the premiums you pay each month is not actually lost money. Rather, the premium is the expense that had to be issued each month. Concepts like this are very common in foreign countries like America and developed countries in Europe.

That's why population health is guaranteed. While we in Indonesia? The majority of residents still think of insurance as being "unnecessary". As a result, so there is a disaster, the family will be desperate for funds. Debt here and there, selling this and that. Things like this will not occur if the following insurance, because insurance companies will pay, not you. Calm the mind, health guaranteed, happier life.


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