Safety Tips Using Credit Cards

Credit card is a payment tool that is easy and very reliable as a means of purchase instead of cash. This is because the easily portable with a slim shape, easily inserted in the wallet, but has a greater capability than the contents of the wallet. Many programs that work together with a variety of credit cards, installment from 0% to 50% discount for certain foods. However, in using credit cards must be careful not to fall into the hands of the wicked.

The following tips are believed safe to use a credit card:

  • Keep credit cards in a safe place.
  • Never give credit card number over the phone.
  • Circle the total purchases on the transaction slip to prevent the misuse of changes in the value of the total bill.
  • Do not ever sign a blank receipt.
  • Keep well your transaction slip. Always compare the transaction slip to your monthly bill.
  • Record the card number, expiration date, and phone number your credit card issuer. Then save the data in a safe place separate from your credit card. This data is required to denounce cases of fraud or loss.
  • Never give your credit card data on other people.

By implementing the right system for using credit cards, guaranteed you will not experience problems that are not pleasant. Conversely, thin card will be a very practical means of payment.


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