How to Play Poker

Poker games online via Facebook who again is a game combining trendy cards "in hand" own "the one on the table. The best five card combination will be a winner. Here it will be provided guidance in playing poker and steps in playing poker on Facebook rules that became a reference in particular to play poker

Texas Hold'em Poker

Every player in the table after the Heat get two cards each player's bet, will open next three cards on the table n every player is entitled to raise the stakes. The next stage of his four cards on the table will open n-5 finishing the card into the open on the table and look at who has the combination of the most valuable card, it was he who became the winner of the bet. Each stage the player has the right to survive or raise the stakes. Determining the winner is viewed by combinations of five cards from a player's card with the card there / look at the table.

Royal Flush

"Royal flush" is a "Straight Flush" but the highest value. In other words a combination of Straight and Flush is best. For example, five card Hearts card and its value 10-JQKA.
Straight Flush

Five card combination of cards with sky-hand on the table represents a kind of card sequence. Example 8-9 cards-10-JQ and all of the same type (Straight and Flush).
4 Of A Kind

The same combination of four cards, such as J-J-J-J-2
Full House

Combinations of three cards and two cards the same, eg 4-4-4-2-2

Combinations of five cards that have the same type, eg 9-5-kfl-8 and all kinds Shovels

Combinations of five cards in sequence, eg 10-As-JQK
3 Of A Kind

The same combinations of three cards, for example, Q-Q-Q-10-4

The same combinations of two cards and there are two pairs, eg-QQ-A 5-5

Pair (2 Of A Kind)

The same combinations of two cards, eg, J-J-2-5-6
High Card

When no suitable mentioned above determine the winner in the highest card. Higher value card that will beat the cards whose value is lower.

Two card value will be lost by 3, 3 to lose to lose 4.4 to 5, etc ...
10 lost to J (Jack)
A defeat by Q (Queen)
Q fail with the K (King)
K lose to As (Ace) (in poker, A could be a number one if you want, which means the lowest value).

If there 2/lebih players have the same value, then the views detrimental to the card-2, where a higher value. For example, two players have the highest card and As As Hearts Spades, then the value is the same. So the views that the second card. Which is worth more? If still the same, too, means the series, and the betting money is divided 2.

In broad outline the sequence of the best cards to the lowest were:

1. Royal Flush
2. Straight Flush
3. 4 Of A Kind
Fourth. Full House
5. Flush
6. Straight
7. 3 Of A Kind
8. 2-Pair
9. Pair (2 Of A Kind)
10. High Card

Ordering Flowers from lowest to highest:

* Diamond (red)
* Curly (black)
* Love / Hearts (red)
* Spade / Shovel (black)

Procedures for playing Poker - Texas Hold'em Poker

As an example of a poker game Texas Hold'em Poker is a poker game who's most famous and often seen in the movie "wide screen television or

This poker game consists of a total of seven cards in each player two cards and five cards which opens / exist in the table. This table can seat nine players.

Texas Hold'em consists of four rounde. Each round players can choose to bet or fold. If none of the batch it will continue into next round

Each player will take turns being "Dealer" (dealer), there are signs of D in the table, and this task

Before the cards dealt, two players to the left of the Dealer put the chip / bet, called the "Ante". "Ante" is the first smaller than the "ante" is next. For example: player one is the "dealer", then the player to his left, suppose that two players, put his 100-dollar ante, and then another player, ie three players, put Antenya some 200 dollars. "Ante" is commonly known as "Blind Bets".

A collection of chip in the middle of the table to the next is called "Pot" .- Then the card is divided, each player gets two cards. 2 This card is called "Private Cards" / "Hole Cards".

Then after the card visits (players can not see another player's card, should see his own!), The player to the left of the players who give us a second ante, do the "bet" was first. In this case because the second ante is give us three players, then what do the "bet" is the first time four players.

"Beth" is at stake, could "call", "raise", or "fold"

"Call" or "Stay In", meaning he will play, by placing bets that a sum of money placed by other players one last time. In this case the 100 dollars.

"Raise" means he will play, put the stakes, the stakes are higher value (higher than the previous bet, in this case higher than 100 dollars, for example, she put 200 dollars).

"Fold" means that he will not play. So he did not come bets, and close the card.

Then followed the player to his left again, to "call", "raise", or "fold", so it goes.

After that, three cards openly divided and placed in the center of the table, began to place a bet that the second round.

As before, the players alternately make another "call", "raise", or "fold", starting from the player on the left which give us the ante to two earlier. Card table in the center was named "Community Cards". And this round is called "Flop".

After that, it opened one more card cards "Community Cards" are the fourth. This is called the "Turn Card" / "4th Street"

followed by a "bet" or bet again as before.

Then the last card "Community Cards" was opened again, this is called "River
Card "/" 5th Street ".

followed by a "bet" or bet again as before. This is the last round of betting.

Then the players opened his card, and combine the cards with a card that looks at the table, the best five card combination will be the winner.


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