How to Avoid Phones Tapping Action

Telephone tapping is very disturbing our privacy. Like a disease, also has the tapping action of the drug. Yes, any wiretapping technology has penawarnya.

Meng-voice data encryption is one way that can be done. How the encryption is done by adding code or key. Conversations that you do on the phone it will be wrapped with the codes. So that can only be read (heard) with a phone that has the appropriate code breaker.

There are several voice encryption applications that can perform tasks like this are the following:

For users of Symbian 2nd edition (Symbian OS version 8) including the Nokia 6630, 6680, N70 and N90, Cellcrypt applications can help your conversation security. Cellcrypt, created by Voylent developer headquartered in Silicon Valley.

To try this application, please visit the site Voylent ( Or if you want to download directly to pass on this link;

In addition, this application is made without the display, so to remove it can not be the normal way. But rather, by his mengintsal uninstaller application. This application can be obtained at

Flexi Shield
In addition to having an application bug, Flexi Spy also offers an application called Anti-Tapping Flexi Shield. With this application, all communication activities can be protected. Starting from the MMS, SMS, Email up to log telephone. Indeed, how the Flexi Shield not much different from the application of many outstanding black list. Namely, by protecting and hiding the data call using a special password.

The ability to block incoming calls based on any phonebook contacts offered this application. To get this shareware application please visit

Special users of smartphones and PDA-phone based on Windows Mobile, available SecureGSM application. How it works almost the same as Cellcrypt, only with the use of a slightly different way.

In SecureGSM, no need to add the numbers at the beginning of the destination. When making a call, the recipient's phone will receive a verification code. The same code with the code shown on the screen by the caller.

In addition to counteracting

Fortress SMS
To protect your SMS messages and emails, users can rely on Symbian Fortress SMS applications. The trial version can be downloaded at

The technique is simple. Each SMS will be sent in advance stamped keyword. The receiver is certainly can not open the message if it does not know the key word.

Messages can be opened if terkirm enter the appropriate keyword. With notes, at the recipient's phone must have SMS Fortress applications.

SMS encryption application not only available to mobile-phone operating applying it. One mobile phone that supports Java (MIDP 2.0) is SMS007. This application has a wider compatibility for using the general user interface (GUI).

Encryption capability not only for SMS, but can also be used for data on mobile phones. If the phone is lost, the data can not be opened by anyone.

To send a secret message, can be performed directly from the View menu are available. The secret message can be sent to one or more recipients.

In recent years a number of local branded phone has a unique program berbasisi voice changer. One of them is IMO G531 branded mobile phone with its features MAGIC SOUND. Although produced for 'fun' and FUN, features voice changer can be used to avoid us from tapping.

Voice changer will change the frequency of your voice so that it can turn into more small or large, others sound like the original sound so you can not recognize the other person.

IMO G531 MagicSound activation in this can be done just after we reach the destination. Once activated, the phone can be sure the recipient is difficult to identify the owner of the voice. So instead of anti-tapping device! For sure we can make the bug confusion.

Until now there has not been known whether a tool that can restore the voice of this freukuensi changes to the initial frequency. So, without teaching you do for fun, you can utilize this feature to avoid the introduction of you when your phone is tapped.


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