How to avoid a Facebook Hacker

In order for your facebook avoid hackers, whether to use a super-sophisticated security system? I do not think it necessary, if you follow the steps below correctly, most likely your facebook safe from hackers.

  1. Do not ever over do show email address. Especially with people who are not yet known.
  2. Hide email address in the facebook profile info.
  3. If someone you know has not asked for your facebook email address is not given, it could be someone trying to hack facebook your account. We do not have to be careful.
  4. If you log in facebook in the cafe, do not forget to clean the cookies on your computer that you wear.
  5. Be careful when given a link and are asked to click the link. It could be a virus or anything that may harm your facebook account.

When it comes to your facebook was hacked, at least we've tried. You can still create a new facebook account again. But if your old facebook used for purposes not good, you should ask the facebook to delete your facebook account.

Say no to Hack!


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