How to protect Computer from Virus

Virus ... Many people are confused lose data because the computer got a virus. And this is very common even in almost everyone at some point in time. If you're logged into the virtual world without any protection at all, you will definitely infected. Here are some steps you can take to minimize your risk.

Buying and using an external hard drive. Back up all important files and documents to an external. In case you have to reformat your hard drive, this will ensure you have access to all your important information.

Install anti-virus and schedule it to run every day. You also want to change the configuration to scan for malicious email attachments. Free AVG is very good as an anti-virus program, and as the name suggests, we are free to download and use.

Every time you download something, make sure you do a scan before opening it. This is a fast way to spread the virus. Take an additional 10 seconds to scan and keep your computer safe.

Download spyware protection program. Super anti-spyware is spyware protector free of charge and free to use. The dangers of spyware is that it can send information from your computer to hackers. So, when you log into your bank account or to your credit card account, the information you type can be passed on to the hackers! Spyware and firewall protection is very important for protection against spyware.

Ensure you have spam filters installed if you use a desktop email application. Use online services such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail web based email account. Be sure to adjust your spam settings in your account settings.

Exercise caution when opening attachments. Always scan attachments, and never open an attachment with the extension EXE. because most likely this is a virus file and once you open it there's nothing to stop it.

If your computer is infected with a virus, disconnect from the Internet and start running your antivirus program. Sometimes you need to browse the forum to ask for help. In this case using a different computer and recorded. If you can not remove the virus, then you may need to contact your pc technology that can solve this problem for you. and visit


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