9 Steps Overcome Computer Virus

A computer virus is growing very cepat.Setiap day a new virus emerge that can damage a computer system. While antivirus software is always updated must have left, because after a new virus emerge some time later on for antivirus. So we will keep your computer on the attack first before appeared antivirus. Viruses can enter into the computer in a different way. That's why there is no simple method to protect the system. Just a series of measures can provide reliable protection from infection. Here are nine steps to protect MS Windows based PC system from viruses.

1. Make backups on a regular basis.

Should note that there is no absolutely safe way of protection. Virus creator will always find loopholes in the new computer products for use neginfeksi their computer systems. Some viruses are malicious enough can damage data files or even delete the entire file system. Make regular backups of your data files to separate storage device. Try to save on a separate hard drive, flash card, compact disc or other storage device file that you select. To ease the procedure, you can use some automatic backup software. And be prepared if the system will die because of a viral infection.

2. Ready to reinstall your system if damaged by a virus.

Prepare your operating system software and distributives software you use and keep them together, for example, OS and drivers CD computer and other equipment drivers. In this case if virus infection will cause a system failure can be restored quickly reinstall your media to your computer system.

3. Protect your network connection with a firewall.

A firewall is a software which blocks suspicious connections and prevent the virus to penetrate your network into the system. Windows XP system is too simple but reliable built-in firewall. You can activate it in the following manner.

  • In the Control Panel, double-click Networking and Internet Connections, and then click Network Connections.
  • fRight-click the connection you want to activate the firewall, and then click Properties.
  • On the Advanced tab, click the Windows Firewall Settings box
  • When the Windows Firewall window appears, centrang option On (Recomended)

If you need more flexible control of its network connection, you can get and install software more sophisticated firewalls such as Norton Personal Firewall or Outpost firewalls. When you use this software you have the capability to allow or block certain connections and to monitor network activity.

4. Use antivirus software.

Installing antivirus software will scan your system for and remove viruses on a regular basis. Leader in antivirus software products for Windows systems are Norton Antivirus, McAfee, Kaspersky Anti-Virus and PC-cilin.

5. Regularly update your operating system.

Windows XP has a built-in auto update service. Regular contacts Microsoft server to find updates and notifies you if updates are ready to be installed. Important updates because hackers regularly find the holes in the operating system often used by virus creators (Very useful for those of you who use Windows Original).

6. Do not install and run software suspicious.

Check out the new programs that will install with your anti-virus software. Do not download software from suspicious sites. To download website software creators are always looking for software or authorized distributor. Do not use applications that are received via email from strangers.

7. Restrict access to your computer.

Protect with a password into the system, ie with a user password in order when you go into windows system should log the user name and password

8. If you're using Internet Explorer, try moving to another browser.

Because IE is the browser most often been the target or the use the creator of the virus is actively using the flaw in the security system to infect your computer. Infection may arise if you are going to visit a Web page that contains malicious code invisible. You are more secure if you are using a browser that is not known simply because virus makers are not much attention on those brows. IE browser's main competitor is Firefox and Opera are now providing the same convenient interface and range of services to work on the Web.

9. Use spam protection.

Viruses are often distributed through email. Activate the spam filter in your email box to block received spam. If you need assistance with the use of filters, you can ask your email provider.

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