Overcoming Practical Tips Addicted to Caffeine

Caffeine Addiction or craving / addiction / dependence on caffeine is a kind of dependence that is serious. Some people who do not experience this kind of dependence may think that caffeine dependence is not a big problem. For those of you who have this kind of dependence, when you try a little distance away from the caffeine will be feeling some symptoms such as migraine headaches, nausea, lack of concentration and addiction (cravings).
Overcoming Practical Tips Addicted to Caffeine

1. Know Your Dependency Types. The first thing you need to do is to first identify your type of dependence on the caffeine. If you start to count on him for your energy source, or it may be difficult to concentrate then you have encountered someone who is addicted to / addicted to caffeine. Setidanya this can be measured in practice that if you consume more than 100mg caffeine per day, meaning you fall into this category.

2. Stop Drinking Soda and Coffee. This principle then you must take is to immediately stop drinking soda, which has a soda content in it. It may feel heavy at first, but you do have to force it. Instead, you can eat some kinds of drinks that have a similar flavor but without the caffeine content, such as plc, and the like. It would be nice if you can simply replace it with water or juice.

3. Enough sleep. Try not to let you get enough sleep time, so you do not fatigue. Some people use caffeine to replace the bed and to stimulate his physical. This certainly is not something of good habits, because the body is already tired of being forced to continue to 'work' with using caffeine as pemacunya.

3. Continue to Motivate Yourself. Embed this on yourself every day about why you should stop consuming caffeine. Keep doing good for yourself that caffeine can cause tremors, motor nerve damage or damage to the fetus, for women.

4. Staying in Transitional Period. If you are someone who is middle kecanduang caffeine, after you try stopping caffeine consumption during one to two days, usually arise dependence symptoms such as feeling cold, difficulty concentrating, easily emotional and sensitive, dizziness / dizzy, like you're being attacked by flu. If your proficiency level in these dizzy not hold, you can take aspirin to reduce pain. If it still did not help, you can consume caffeine, but in very small amounts. Where is the main goal was to simply eliminate the 'torture' headaches, not to be consumed just like you were in need of additional energy as before.

5. Healing period. Next, you must continue to reduce caffeine intake gradually and slowly over a period of one week. Do method 'rewards and panishment' on your commitment is. If you are consistent with that method, the dependence symptoms (dizziness / headaches), the worst would only occur within a week, after that you are free of caffeine dependence.

6. Get Support from Family and Friends. Explain to them that this time you are overcome your dependence on caffeine, and ask them to always remind you and even do not even offer you drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee and soda.

7. Tolerance. Respect the freedom of other colleagues who still consume caffeine, do not criticize those who still choose not to live healthy.


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