How to overcome premature ejaculation?

First of all advised to do sex therapy. If sex therapy does not work, then do the second way is using drugs. Drug used to treat premature ejaculation is a powerful drug that controls ejaculation. There are several types of drugs that can control ejaculation.

"Depending on the cause. For many reasons related to serotonin function, it is necessary to regulate the function of serotonin drugs, said Prof Wimpie Pangkahila.

Furthermore, Prof. Wimpie explains, "Drugs such as, class SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors). However, note the side effects, because the drug is not the-counter medicines." But considering the drug has side effects, so its use should be under the supervision of a physician.

As the explanation above, there are medications to control ejaculation. If premature ejaculation caused by impaired erection, then by improving erectile function, ejaculation can be slowed. So erectile dysfunction drug is useful if premature ejaculation is caused by impaired erection.

Another treatment is by way of operations against the nerves that control the occurrence of ejaculation. But the third way, although never carried out in certain countries, until now proved to be unpopular and not widely used.

"Regarding supplements, many of which claim to be able to cure premature ejaculation but without any clinical test results," said Prof. Wimpie Pangkahila. So if you want to try to take supplements, be sure to supplement those provided evidence based on clinical trials that have been made.

"I wish there were significant test results with the results, we need to analyze what the content in it. And they must know whether the researcher is competent to do it. If only supplements such as vitamins, may not be able to overcome premature ejaculation," said Prof. Wimpie Pangkahila.

Try the Sex Theraphy

Sex therapy, which is done to control ejaculation conducted with the help of his wife. Basically the way this is done through several steps.

  1. The husband or wife masturbate who suffer premature ejaculation with husband's position lying on your back, until the husband feel like orgasm and ejaculation.
  2. At the time of her husband feel like orgasm and ejaculation, the wife did the penis with an emphasis on using the thumb, forefinger and middle finger for several seconds to prevent the occurrence of ejaculation.
  3. Wife to husband to masturbate erection sufficient occur, then immediately put it into your wife's vagina in a position above without doing the movement. When the husband felt would ejaculate, the wife immediately lifted her and make emphasis on the penis as in step two. Furthermore, repeated stimulation with masturbation, and continued with the sexual relationship as above.
  4. Done after a few days to do the above exercise. In this step, the husband was allowed to do under pressure to maintain the erection during sexual intercourse with the wife's position at the top.
  5. Done when the husband was better able to control ejaculation. In this step the couple can have sexual relations with the side position. If this position is able to hold ejaculation husband, then sex can be done in the husband's position at the top.

Exercise is expected to be done for 6-12 months after that, and whenever necessary. But this way is not always easy to do for several reasons. First, the closure of the man against his wife. Second, the lack of communication and cooperation of husband and wife in sexual matters. Third, feeling reluctant or lazy to do exercise because they have to waste time and is not considered practical.


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