Tips Tricks How to Play Mafia Wars

After learning how to play Mafia Wars, would you want to learn tips and tricks in Mafia Wars. Actually, do not need a special trick to playing Mafia War, because all the pretty transparent there. What should be done if we are beginners in the game?

  1. If you did not want to be bothered with a lot of friends list, but you do not know, you should create a new account specifically for Mafia Wars.
  2. Join the group-Mafia Wars existing group, and start reading her tips and tricks.
  3. Perform additional member through the tools that immediately invite. Many groups provide a list of emails to the legislation as a friend and a member of the Mafia We're with by giving a special message such as "Mafia Wars" Request ". From there will ga long you'll get bejibun member.
  4. Try saving if your income is still small. It will cut 10%, but that's better than losing.
  5. Began investing in real estate. Some property prices remain unchanged. This type of how we can buy aja. Several other species, our price will go up every single purchase. So better to purchase immediately wrote 10 seeds.
  6. Armor, vehicle armor and choose the best level. If for example your member 10, so make sure you have the 10 best weapons, armor 10 best and 10 best vehicles. Of course that at each level.
  7. In attack, try to always strike a fewer number of its members. Do not be classified as reckless attacking big.
  8. If you want to play in fight hitlist, make sure your internet connection speed in order not to miss others.
  9. If you want faster leveling up, pay attention to certain jobs that require little energy but great experience. Calculated count of each level there will be one kind of like this.


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