How to Connect Twitter with Facebook Account

Twitter is a micro-blogging service that allows its users to send status and read the status of other users in real time. While Facebook is the Internet social networking community that is growing very rapidly.

Do you have a Facebook account and also Twitter? Changing the status on the two websites is not enough to bother? Relax, you can connect Twitter to Facebook so that saves time in changing your status! Simply by changing the status on Twitter, the status in Facebook automatically will be changed.

Please follow the steps below:

Open the application page

Please click on the button 'Allow', then the form will appear like this:

Please fill in with your Twitter username and password. Then click the 'Login'. Furthermore, Twitter status page will appear. Please click on the button 'Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status', like this:

The final step, click the 'Allow Update Status', like this:

Now you can change the status on Facebook and Twitter all at once simply by changing the status on Twitter alone. Try to go to and type in a status, then see your Facebook status. Hooray ... Facebook status also has changed as well


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