Secure internet Tricks for Kids

Children, especially teens and junior high school age who become easy prey to online predators duped. These cyber criminals increasingly active prey by stalking began to enter the realm of social networking interactions.

Kompas Daily (8/2/2010) describes the activities your child / adolescent Indonesia in the internet to continue to rise. Based on research results of Yahoo! In Indonesia in partnership with Taylor Nelson Sofres in the year 2009, the Internet's biggest users are adolescents aged 15-19 years, amounting to 64 percent. If based on Law Number 23 Year 2002 on the Protection of Children, ages 0-18 years of age belonging to the children. As many as 53 percent of the adolescents were accessing the internet via internet cafes (cafe), while as many as 19 percent access via cell phone.

These data show very clearly, especially to parents, to be more vigilant responding child's activity over the Internet. Especially now cheap mobile phones that connect directly with Facebook, for example, the more easily obtained.

In order for children and parents are more secure Internet, please follow the following ways:

  1. Position the computer in safe zone. Place the computer in the room that easily monitored by parents. With so not cool kids alone without supervision. Do not accustom children surfing in a private room which was not easily controlled.
  2. Attach a special device in the computer. Put safety to children so as not to restrict access to inappropriate sites. The software can be downloaded for free at the site and
  3. Give your cell phone without internet. Remains necessary despite the firmness of this inexpensive phone that provides Internet Access related tempting offer increasingly prevalent only.
  4. Teach your surfing etiquette. If a child is surfing, make sure you as a parent to accompany, to give time limit, to teach good surfing behavior, and explain the rules of usage.
  5. Children active in social networking. Follow the child's interactions in social networks to control the activities children and friends. To undergo this activity better parents to be careful, do not intervene, because after all children have privacy. Parents function as supervisors if they see signs something was wrong.


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