How To Free Token Ninja Saga

How to change their IP addresses we continue to live list of web or download and install the application. Then you can follow these steps:

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1. Your Email prepare active (for the web registasi)

2. Prepare also the IP address (if you do not know click

3. When searching for an IP, please find a proxy port "3128 Only" the same type of proxynya "transparent" biz stayed select countrynya up.

4. If it can, put the IP address through mozilla, how:

-Click tools menu in mozilla

-Select options

-Select the Advanced tab

-Select the Network tab

-Then go to settings and change the options No Proxy proxy TO MANUAL

-Content of the HTTP proxy to use the IP you're searching the web before, do not forget to also port.

-Click OK and OK again

5. entered the ninja saga

6. click the tab EARN SAGA TOKEN

7. Then click on the tab or SupersonicAds Token Ads

8. After that click FREE to list for free token

9. there are various languages that will appear depending on where we replace the IP earlier.

10. Then proceed as directed

Good luck and good luck


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