How to prevent computer viruses are not affected

Some things to keep the virus from infecting and spreading to the computer are as follows:
  1. Using antivirus software is always updated regularly. Do it updates automatically if the computer is connected to the Internet or manually by downloading the file to be installed antivirus updates later. It aims to identify and eradicate the virus can be new viruses that keep popping up. This becomes important if a computer user always use flash or other device that is always moving a computer or frequently used on the internet which will likely bring new viruses that can be transmitted to the computer. Or if the computer is always used for the Internet. Updates can be done every 1 or 2 weeks, but this depends also from the antivirus update service providers.
  2. For computers connected to the network, always use a firewall to prevent viruses and other disorders such as hackers and so forth.
  3. Perform a virus scan on the flash or external hard drive into a computer that was previously used on another computer. This becomes especially important for computer users who use portable antivirus (not necessarily direct the installation and use).
  4. Do not open or execute files from another computer for suspicious, such as files or folders that berekteksi *. exe (application) that looks suspicious.
  5. Many viruses that use icons similar to the Windows folder, you must be careful because if you open this folder and then the virus can actively infect your computer system, especially since you opened the folder from the flash that you have used on other computers or the Internet. So you are not one where the original folder or a folder bervirus, so always use Windows Explorer and open the folder from the explorer (by clicking the plus sign and click the desired folder, then the contents of the folder will be displayed on the right page.
  6. Be careful when opening the autorun menu, namely a dialogue menu that appears for a moment outside devices such as flasdisk or cd / dvd-rom in put into the computer. Because it could be these menus have been changed by the virus, so rather than opened the file but instead opened the virus. So do not open if there are differences in the menu or writings such as "Open folder to view files, using the Application". This autorun menu appears if autorun function on Windows is active.
  7. To anticipate the opening of the virus file by the computer user via the autorun menu or so viruses can not be run automatically when entering foreign media like flash, it can disable autorun or autoplay function on Windows. By disabling the autorun function on Windows, then the box will not appear on the menu and viruses that exploit the autorun.inf file within the flash will not run automatically when the flash is entered into the computer.
  8. For important data like documents Ms Word, Excel and other files that have extensions. Exe, you can compress the files. Zip or. RAR (with WinZip or WinRar program). This is because it can prevent the virus infecting your data. Once compressed, you can delete your old data. To run the file you can do extract a file or directly open the files. Zip or. RAR is then click on the file you want to open. Another advantage of your files inside. Zip or. RAR size becomes smaller because the compressed. Previously confirm that the files that you want to compress the file there is no virus.
  9. Many viruses that infect Ms Word document with the extension. Doc, which was then the document will change to extension. Exe. Therefore, in order to avoid virus attacks like this then change the files. Doc into the extension. Rtf (rich text format), because it is still rare virus that attacks files. Rtf. And if you type in the Ms Word then save them with the format. Rtf.
  10. Use virus-prevention programs that can permanently infect a computer system such as Deep Freeze, System Protect, and so forth.


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