3 Ways to known Search Engine Blog

To generate blog visitors from search engines, the first step to do is make your blog indexed by search engines. Or in the language of common people, create a blog we are "known" by search engines like google, yahoo and others.

Why should be indexed / known search engines? Because with our blog known by search engines, then it makes the blog search engines be able to refer us when there are people searching for specific keywords. If not known, then we will never referenced by search engines. And consequently, there is rarely datan to our blog visitors.

If in the real world, logic is not known if there will be no people who refer us. Although we say good once in a computer service business, but if we are not known to people, then people will not mention our name as a candidate when there is a computer services that are needed. Logical right?

Then, how do I check if our blog has been indexed by search engines or not? The answer, please check the search engines want, and then type your blog address in there.

For example to check if my blog was indexed in google,

* Go to google.com
* Type in site: akhdian.com
* If there is a page from akhdian.com appear in the results, it means that blogs are already indexed google. If not, then vice versa.

Well, the problem, but sometimes there are questions into my email, about how to make your site or blog can be indexed one's own search engine? Do you have the same question?

There are several ways you can do. Depending on where you create your blog.

The first way: let alone indexed.

This mode is the easiest way. And apply if you have a blog on blogspot.com address or at wordpress.com.

This way you only need to wait to be google / yahoo / others come alone to your blog. No need to introduce your blog to search engines - the search engines. Why? Because by default, blogs are listed on blogspot.com and wordpress.com will be registered automatically.

The second method: register manually to search engines

This is the second way. Please register your blog directly at the registration page URL from search engines. This method ensures that your blog must be indexed by search engines.

To register, please register your blog:

* Google, at google.com / addurl
* Yahoo, in siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com
* Bing, in bing.com / docs / submit.aspx

enter a URL (address) of your blog there, fill out the form provided there.

The third way: ask for a link from another blog

A last resort, try to get a link from your site / blog else already been indexed by search engines like google. For example, try asking your friends to give a link to your blog.

Later search engines will automatically follow the link provided by your friends (or any other site) to then to index your blog, such as search engines from indexing a web that give you the link.


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