How to Convert Layouts Facebook

Today who does not know Facebook? Just about everyone addicted to social networking and the creation of Mark Zuckerberg: d dipungkri This Can not access Facebook makes its own pleasures, where we can recognize many people by just sitting still, staring at the screen bored with Facebook's blue color look that old? Especially if you have a laptop or personal computer at home and every day is always accessing Facebook, of course, never a boring moment with a look of Facebook is the standard from day to day.
want to display your facebook like this?

Relax, I'll share some tips on how to change facebook layouts like the example above.
Here are step step:

  1. Download the add-ons mozilla, here
  2. Click add to Firefox, continues to install and restat mozilla
  3. Choose your most favorite layouts display here
  4. After that click into sylish load
  5. Save, and refresh your facebook page
  6. Now look at your facebook page, it must be added. Pretty easy right?

How to above have advantages and disadvantages, its advantages, you can choose, which are the most layouts you like, shortcomings in this way is only valid for you who have your own computer for this change is only you who can enjoy

Good luck..



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