Guidance on how to make and setting up VPN (Virtual Private Network) Dmobile

1. Click the Start button> All Programs>> Accessories

2. Select Accessories>> Communications>> New Connection Wizard, then click the New Connection Wizard

3. After clicking the New Connection Wizard will display appears as follows:

Then click the Next button

4. Select Connect To The Network At My Work place, and then click Next

5. Select Virtual Private Network connection, and then click Next

6. Fill in the textbox is "DataUtamaNet VPN", then click next

7. On the VPN Server Selection fill in the addresses, then Next

8. click the checkbox on the Add a shortcut to this connection to My Desktop, then click Finish

9. Double click on the icon DataUtamaNet VPN located on your Desktop

10. Fill in your Username and Password in accordance with the Username and Password that you have had before.

Click Connect



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