Speed Download Adds 400%

Most people spend the time to download. If a newbie maybe he'll just click on the link download and automatically download manager to handle it the default browser, and after the download is running he will continue browsing again.

Provided you know a download manager that only exist in the default browser setting is set on a standard and make the download process becomes longer

Recently many download manager software that offers download speeds 400% faster than usual as Dap.Idm, Flasget and many more.

Exactly what advantages sich IDM (Internet Download Manager)

  • Can download videos from youtube and other video sharing
  • Adding a download speed of up to 400%
  • Auto-Resume (if the internet connection disconnected and then on again then the download may proceed whenever you want without having to download it from scratch.
  • Limitiations (restrictions), if you want to download while you are browsing is a good idea to enable this feature, for example if your connection speed limitiations 40Kbps to 30 Kbps download and 10 Kbps rest enough for browsing.

There are advantages of the features of this limitation is "bottle neck". You can imagine if your Internet connection, such as water existing below the drum inside the drum and hold it there faucets. And when the valve is closed then the water will be full, after the valve is opened water will flow like a surge that was the "bottle neck".

To get a bottle neck limitation you activate the feature for some time, yes about 1 hour. If this software works in maximum speed of 900Kbps it will achieve more. Whereas only use the connection with 384Kbps speed.

Fantastic. If you are interested can download here


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