vinyl windows is replacement windows 7

Microsoft hopes this new product would eliminate some problems that hinder the Windows Vista launch two years ago and continues to maintain the operation of the system's reputation. Users have complained that Windows Vista requires so much memory compared to its predecessor, namely Windows XP and failed in running some applications. Many corporate users even reportedly asked their computer systems down to Windows XP.
Apparently out there started showing a lot about Windows 7. Although this can be said officially, but the beta version still exists. However, just information, there are some blogs especially those related to Windows 7, as Typically, Microsoft in launching new products is always crowded discussed particularly in relation to codename, like before the introduction of Windows 2008, noisy talk about Longhorn, now so well with Windows 7, in some blogs also began to busy to talk Windows 7 codename of this. If the pre-beta or pre-test version was circulated try, hopefully we can see some advantages of Windows 7 this.

Actually, Microsoft makes Windows 7 version of this because many have criticized Microsoft for Vista operating system that was launched earlier. Vista reaped much criticism for the operating system has a low compatibility and high hardware demands. In addition, Vista also considered to be too complicated to be operated so that computer users should think 2 times to use it. On the basis that Microsoft released the new operating sisitem and more precisely compatible or Windows Vienna Windows 7. This is the name of Microsoft's new operating system that "digadang staying" as a potential successor to Windows Vista. Microsoft itself admitted the sale of Windows Vista is selling well so far. But the facts on the ground looks different. Many users who prefer to stick with Windows XP rather than upgrading to Vista. In Vista, 1 GB RAM with 128 MB worth of RAM for Windows XP, 16 MB for Windows 95, or even 4 MB for Windows 3.1 (if there are still remembered with this Windows version). Already know what that means right? Resources need greater relative to the same job.


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