Windows XP tiny edition

Windows XP tiny edition is one variant of Windows XP is designed for computers that have a low hardware specs, maybe for some pentium 1 is not useful anymore, it's not standard with current needs and are outdated, since now it is much emerging computer that has the capacity and ability both as core 2 duo and so on.

But with OS Windows XP tiny edition, we can obtain good performance in using the computer as low berspesifikasi Pentium 1 computer. Indeed in its size this miniature countless tiny wndows XP edition has weaknesses and strengths, one deficiency is windows xp tiny edition is still not support the design softwares like photoshop, coreldraw etc. with high requirements. And to his advantage tiny windows XP this edition easier to use.

To merely suggest, if we want to use this type of wondow XP not in use as main OS, because if we become a tiny edition Windows XP as main OS then his later we will have difficulty in installing some software, it became common this OS installed only as a secondary window, so we can install Windows XP is a tiny edition of the OS on our computers, and we can use the Windows XP special edition of his tiny while browsing, or when creating a document (word, excel, powerpoint).

Windows XP tiny edition has a non-freeware license, so I do not provide a download link to get these windows tiny


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