Sexualitas Based on Physical (2)

Here follow some type of physical shape SEXUALITAS by:

Type Goat
Is another type of goats, general body size on average; not too fat or thin, not too short nor too high. Good physical condition, emotional, sexual or fairly normal pattern aka mediocrity; enggak too passionate, but also impressed enggak cold. They also do not need a long warm-up or complicated techniques.

Type Rabbit
If the type of rabbit, the form of a tiny body, both men and women. Looks cute in that adorable little child like. But from the aspect of motion, they are fairly agile and "invited". In matters of sex easily aroused but also easy menyudahinya. While the emotional aspect, this type is more flexible.

The matching pairs, according to "science" that comes from the plains of China and the Kamasutra as old as this, are those who setipe. For example, the type of horse woman is perfect paired with a male type of horse as well. If the different types of animals far away or even contradictory finding will be a lot of problems in sexual matters. For example, wild horse type woman with cute male bunny type.

Thus, couples with completely contradictory type enggak could "get together" or do not match. If forced, too, their household will often characterized by disagreements earlier conflicts. Another thing, if different types of animals, but not too contradictory in the sense that there are many similarities that can each try to adjust. For example, men with a female horse type type of cow, goat or type of type rabbits.


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