7 Signs Male Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a thing often experienced by many men, even sexual addiction can also be experienced by women despite a smaller number than the men. To know a man has sex addiction, here are 7 characteristics that Karo Cyber obtained from kompas.com

1. Not enjoy a normal sex session
A man will always complain about the lack of variety in sex with their partner. A common sex sessions conducted an average couple does not make him happy. He wants the movements made porn star hard core classes. He is fixated on numbers, such as how many sex positions ever done, or how many times he wants to reach orgasm in one night.

2. Live two lives
Did you ever wonder if the he has a relationship with someone else just to get sexual pleasure? Do you feel he was not honest with you? Even though you've repeatedly asked her to speak, he still could not control himself?

3. Constantly searching for things sexual
The man who often watch movies, magazines, or reading pornographic, still be considered normal. But if these things be the only concern, even at the time or place that is not possible, this is what should really pay attention. If history on his Internet browser displays only porn sites, and his email inbox filled with an invitation to join porn sites are, you better be careful.

4. Only sex in mind
In the sexual urge is irresistible, or bail, he ignored the spiritual responsibility, professional, and social. Even the extreme fear will spread sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) do not make trouble in sexual adventures.

5. Often aloof
When he wants sex, she was so longing for a great session. But after having sex with a partner, he will guilt-stricken for having physically involved with a woman. He will immediately distanced himself, for fear that with repeated encouragement, which was unable to cope.

6. Do not care about legal issues terjegal
Sex addicts will take any risks for sexual pleasure. However, just as any addiction, the more you get, the more he needs it. He will do phone sex, have sex with sex workers, voyeurism, or eksibionisme. A sex addict aware that his actions violated ethics, but the urge for sex that made him ignore the concerns.

7. More and more difficult to control
If a woman has seen some of the above characteristics, and her partner was kept filled with feelings of guilt, shame, regret and even appeared suicidal, be aware that this is only because he could not stop him doing something bad. Not only for himself, but also her partner.


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