Sexualitas Based on Physical (1)

Sexualitas or life in sexual intercourse between a married couple it could be classified into several types based on the physical form of the second pair.

Here are some types SEXUALITAS based on the physical form obtained from several internet sources. About the truth that there is in each individual the following SEXUALITAS type, then you alone are kebenaranya rate:

Type Cow
On the type of cow or bull, male and female bodies and fertile soil aka "decorated" excess fat here and there. Of temperament, the cow is usually more calm and not the passionate, supposedly a reflection of sexual arousal cool calm. All movements slow to be expected, in the affairs of their beds need more varied stimulation and longer heating.

Type Horses
According to this classification, men and women are included in those types of horses is a good muscular, tall and large with the ideal proportions, and a healthy physical condition and fit. In men, usually looks macho and athletic. While the women are voluptuous with full breasts and slim waist but big hips.

Other characteristics can be attributed to nature or the emotional life of a horse hard and difficult to control. While aspects of high libido can be seen from the habit that leads to things smelling of sex. For example, only met a few times already feeling brave.


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