Potent sex tips healthy and quality

As you know he is much more easily than women to reach ejaculation. Often, this triggers a fight that ultimately makes relationships become more harmonious. Thus a healthy sexual relationship and both can improve the quality of relationships between couples (men and women know, gay or reply deuh au ah lesbong dark: p).

From the many studies show that most women never experience orgasm during sex. Sex is not merely a method to obtain offspring but sex is also important for the quality of life between married couples (not including a dark hub, because it contains a sense deg deg an uncomfortable: P), sex tips may help you to achieve satisfaction and enjoyment of sex with (the official partner of course). Here are tips on sex based on sensitive points:

Sensitive Point Home At Women

Each point of the woman's body has different sensitivities and reactions while receiving stimulation. Some women can be swayed when her partner's tongue touch her ears, but there are also women who will "drop" his passion when he touched his ear. Because of amusement or because a strange taste unusual. Therefore, as a man you must know and recognize your partner's favorite.

Give and take when having sex is one of several "key" to reach peak enjoyment of sex. Active communication and mutual openness was instrumental in the process of giving and receiving.

Whispering in pairs, where the "vulnerable"'s you who need the pressure, touch or massage. Do not let your partner find your own "point" that could be sensitive to your float.

According to research results, the woman's body has certain points of the super-sensitive. If this area to get a touch or stimulation of the stimuli and the results will be extraordinary. The touch in the right areas and at the right time also needs to be applied when trying to stimulate your female partner. Do not mistake the place and time it ruined the mood.

Besides sex organs like breasts and vagina, the area around the ears, neck, and thighs will mengelorakan arousal when stimulated. Soft touch or stimulation of the skin disekujur be very effective body mengiring female sex to the next round of games. Try to explore your partner's body with menyabuninya, this could uncover which parts of the body most sensitive.


According to the inventor, Grafenberg, Germany genekologi experts, three inches towards the wall of the vagina there are areas that can cause a sense of extraordinary sensation when touched, rubbed, or suppressed. This part of his form soft coarser than the vaginal wall is named titit G, or G-Spot by Grafenberg.

This G Titiik will swell and harden if the stimuli. Almost 90% of women will respond to these stimuli fun. Many books written that the G spot orgasm is going to accelerate in women.

It's easier to use your fingers to get to a point G. Three inches into the rough a little part of the skin of the vaginal wall, hold for a while and stroke section. If your partner continue to feel comfortable until he touches you mengelinjang and reach orgasm.


Point C means the clitoris or the clitoris, a part of the point of stimulation. when the penis on the clitoris, the stimulation is felt women would be more terrible and more frequent this section will cause orgasm touched the woman.


Is formed in the vaginal area. AFE (Anterior Fornix Erotic). This zone is located across from or opposite the wall of the vagina. You will see this area if vagina begin to wet.

A Dr. sexsolog malaysia. Chee Ann Chua having sex therapy clinics, reported his findings in a meeting of the Asia sexologists in India in 1994. thought AFE Zone has been known since thousands of years ago. Even kamasutra recorded in the book.

DR. Chua did a survey, the results from 193 women, 11 of them admitted very satisfied when their partner "play" in this area. "If you are one of the women who never had the pleasure penis saaat couples" dancing "in the name unknown, may be the area AFE" said Dr. Chua.


U Point is the alias Urethra urethra. Kevin Mc Kenna psychologist and uolog from Nortwestern University Medical School said, sometimes peernah not think that this area is opening the first sexual arousal during sex started.

U points in the bottom right of the clitoris. Women could be meragsang this section during masturbation. Similarly, when a man seeking a woman litoris then touched or moved her titit U. You could say that it was not the clitoris but it was so delicious.

After studying and knowing the body parts of women who are sensitive or sensitive, then the next is knowledge about how, and when the woman had an orgasm or ejaculation. This note menginggat men need to know when it's time to start the stimulation or "attack"

Point G and Other Sensitive Point.

As previously reviewed, there is a place in the vagina that when touched will make a great horny woman. This common point called the point G, Exact name of physician inventor Ernest Grafenberg who first described in 1950. Many women may find her G spot in half to 2 inches from the hole in the wall of the vagina income on the front, just behind the pubic bone. there are some women who find it even more deeply.

Please note that some women at first feel uncomfortable because it feels the urge to urinate when her G spot untouched. Then you should first discuss your plans and explains the possibility that will happen. If it happens then it is perfectly natural course. It is advisable to lighten the touch. Discomfort that only happens for about one minute. Furthermore sense to pee will fade away and change with great pleasure.

If your partner is lying naked with her legs wide open showing a vagina is red and slightly raised the stimulus signal should peak. This is a sign that you should be "entered" her. Searching point G can be done with a finger or your penis. If during the process of finding her G spot and then found he did not feel pleasure because of the urge to urinate then you should ask for urine was used so that the bladder was completely empty. May be easier for him to find his own point G squat by sitting astride the opening wide vaginannya down.

Doing sex with a position facing each other or the bottom which is the conventional style would not usually about her G spot, often not even on her G spot at all. To overcome your female partner recommended straddle then lifted his ass and put a cushion to rebound buttocks. This position makes the head of the penis during penetration could hit her G spot. Another position that can be done is to ask your partner for women sleep on my stomach with a pillow on her belly and ask him to straddle his legs. Next you insert the penis from behind.

Income penis superficially or only head it, is the best of her G spot. Finger tip is usually best to touch and stimulate the G spot with your partner so lively can feel great pleasure.

Some women say that their most sensitive point in between the clockwise and eight-figure 4. Approximately oertengahan vaginal wall. In this section there is a collection of nodes which are very sensitive nerves that will be easily stimulated by touch.

With the penis into the vagina mengosokkan Arau control every aspect pointing direction will probably let you know that your partner has a specific point or other sensitive points. G spot stimulation is only part of the pleasure that can complement you give to your partner.

In the female ejaculation

Female ejaculation? Some sex experts expressed about the ability of point G "mengejakulasikan" clear-colored liquid that when a woman is aroused. This makes some sex experts concluded, that the point G may be a common man's prostate gland. Many women who ejaculate actually worried that they urinate. But the liquid is not really a taste of urine and urine would normally be lost as soon as she felt the pleasure of mounting stimulation.

You may feel "spray" on your penis during intercourse. Sometimes even "spray" that can be seen. Few women are as much liquid mengejakulasikan one teaspoon or less out of their urethra during berorgasme.


In comparing other means of sexual anatomy, breasts look simplest. Nipples located dipuncak both breasts with dark areolas and lingkarang can tighten and become solid when stimulated. Stimulation of the "button" and "Knop" good nipples done. Some couples like the female nipple stimulation once but others prefer mild stimulation such as touching the indirect light. Ran in circles Cobaah your partner's breasts to enhance taste and desire terangsangnya will mengelegak before you touch the nipple. There nipples thick and thin there. Thick nipples usually darker while the thin reddish and usually relatively more sensitive.

Mengelitik with tongue or sucking mengigitnya lightly and often very effective for generating pleasure, because the tongue contains the chi (energy).

Fingered clitoris during intercourse

One study reported that approximately 70 percent of women in the precise needs at least some stimulation on her clit (clitoris - Java language). Clitoris like penis head, which is a very sensitive area and sensitive. expect a woman can orgasm without clit get stimulated just the same as men can mengharapakan orgasm without stimulation at the head of his penis.

No wonder that in intercourse with a position opposite each other, top-down, many women who can not reach orgasm peak because most sensitive part of the clitoris vagina hole does not get direct touch. Sometimes he'll pubic bone clit brushing or sheath that would be interested in his own clit during sex. But this clearly does not replace direct stimulation of the pleasure with penis, finger or your mouth.

Position variation during Sex Relationships

Positions in sex also plays a very important role to make her orgasm peaked. Try different positions during sex allows terkenanya sensitive parts of the vagina because their managements intercourse positions produce different friction between the penis with the sensitive points that differ in vagina. If all the sensitive spots in vagina all affected by friction during intercourse or stimulation, of course, will produce a peak impulse orgasm incredible total pleasure felt by the female spouse. Therefore, do not just use one position or one style of lovemaking just try a wide variety and ask which position most preferred by your spouse.


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