Raclette, Cheese discharge heat in the Winter Cold

That afternoon my cell phone rang. Apparently there is an incoming message from Caroline, one of his classmates from Switzerland, who invited me to taste the raclette.

Raclette? For once I heard it. In her message, she simply said that raclette is a typical meal with a cheese from the country. Luckily, the night that week I had not planned to go anywhere.

Actually a bit lazy at the thought of pedaling a bicycle in the middle of winter morning plus I had just attended a book fair and was exhausted from carrying several pounds of books in a backpack.

But curiosity and pushed my hobby taste traditional foods from various countries, I just confirmed his invitation. Besides remaining approximately 4 hours before 20:30 o'clock Caroline set so I still had time to prepare myself.

Immediately I rushed home, the time left before dinner this time I use for a little rest. In addition, I also had to find her home address from the internet. It turned out not far from my house, maybe about 10 minutes cycling.

I had lost too find the address easily and I think finally arrived 20 minutes late. When I arrived, other friends were waiting and dioles chips nyemil cheese.

Raclette comes from the root word of French 'rackler', in English means to scrape for cheese should be sliced. Besides in Switzerland, the food is also a typical meal in France.

Caroline explained that raclette is typically eaten food in the winter, consisting of a special cheese melted and potatoes are boiled. Probably similar to cheese fondue.

To cut the cheese, used special equipment to slice the cheese into slices slightly thicker than cheese for sandwiches. Potatoes are also used by certain varieties, namely Bintje, Charlotte or other potatoes to raclette.

In Switzerland, it boiled potato with skin until tender. When the potatoes are cooked, just sliced cheese and placed on the grill until melted. New potatoes afterwards covered with melted cheese, plus black pepper and paprika powder and eaten hot. Raclette usually accompanied by tea or other hot drinks or white wine.

Raclette be eaten with vegetables or apples, or just eaten. Without the grill can be microwaved to melt the cheese, but in this way can only melted cheese little by little as you wish each person to add a meal or not.

Raclette taste in the mouth when in a very yummy .. soft potato mixture, melt cheese with distinctive flavors and spices, black pepper and paprika when chewed provide a powerful sensation. I was not immediately advance to the second and third portions.

So were other friends, they were also seen enjoying the evening meal and eating at least 3 servings. According to our host that night, three servings a minimal portion of the usual eat. Whether the story is whether he said so to encourage us to eat more. To be sure, three servings of potatoes and melted cheese was more than enough for me. Rest of the night we were content with small talk while drinking white wine and hot tea for me

Author: Asri D Rachmawati
Source: Compass


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