How to Get Happiness / Happy Life Forever

Every human being would want to live happily from birth until the lid beginning with age. But not easy to achieve happiness for human life could be on the under and sometimes given a test from God's heavy enough. Because of this if you want to always be happy, you need to know the secret of reaching happiness.

Some Key Joy In The Secret Life of Man:

1. Follow the Rules Applicable

We must be submissive and obedient to the values, norms, rule of law in society. Religion is also set in stone where we should be men who believe and fear Allah. Berpedomanlah on all the rules that apply as a reflection of our attitudes and behavior. Happy not only for the world, but also for the Hereafter. After we die we will go to the eternal hereafter. For this provision to prepare a happy life to come.

2. Think Positive and Stay Calm

Any difficulties must be running if we try and pray with great calmness. God will not provide accident / test we could not finish. Berfikirlah a healthy and positive does not envy, spite, exhibitionist, gengsian, vengeful and various other liver diseases.

3. Diligent's smile (Smile)

Fond smile will bring a good impact on our psychological well as to people around us. Smiles also has limits, not to excess because it can interfere with the people around us because of uncomfortable. Bergaulah with people who are happy and nice people as friends with people happy to be transmitted to us.

4. Living Simple and Clever Gratitude

Do not force yourself to live wallowing property because the property will not take them off and it could bring disaster for us if you can not manage it well. Life is full of simplicity, although without showing off wealth and prestige are the best. Grateful for what we have found is also a key to success. Do not forget a good deed by removing excess either our property to people in need.

5. Having a Dream of Good and Realistic

Each person can have high ideals of the sky while he was able to achieve with their own ability to help others around him. With a dream to be achieved will make our lives become more meaningful and challenging. People who do not have high dreams seemed bland life would mean life is not even live only one time.

6. Enjoying Life and the Self Rest

Do not memporsir your body and mind to achieve your life goals. Yourself you need physical and spiritual pleasure. Whatever may please you is fine as long done is not contrary to law and religion there. After you have rested for a moment, then you are ready to fight back.

7. Easy Mix and Adapting

Human beings are social creatures and need to interact with one another so that inevitably you have to maintain good relations with the people around you. Appreciate and respect other people if you want to be respected and valued people in your environment. Be a good person, loved and needed. In one family we have good relations menjada because family is everything. Do not ever forget or ignore the family since the beginning of happiness usually comes from our small family. Be prepared to accept the changes and berrbagai have good adaptability to changes in both the negative and positive.

8. Share Happiness With Others

If you have been happy, so happy to divide the people who are not happy. With more and more people happy all around us, then our lives will be happier and get a charity / a great reward from God.


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