Quick Tips For Getting Fast Pregnancy

Obviously the mothers soon after marriage have momongan crave, but no less difficult to become pregnant after marriage. Here are some tips to quickly get a pregnancy:

  1. Stop using contraception (any kind) clan begin intercourse at least once every 48 hours. This will ensure the quantity of sperm to stay up.
  2. Try to have sexual intercourse in the ovulatory cycle. Ovulation cycle begins approximately 14 days before menstruation. Pregnant women will not unless you dig ovulate.
  3. Women are more likely to get pregnant if the position is under the husband's ejaculate. After that you can hold to stay in that position with a slight lifting leg to increase the chance of fertilization (conception).
  4. Stop trying so hard to conceive. Too forced myself will only make you feel depressed, and minimize the possibility of pregnancy.
  5. Heat can reduce the quantity of sperm. So, as long as you are trying to get pregnant, ask the husband to stop bathing with warm water, warm baths, wearing clothes that are too hot, too much sitting, etc..
  6. If the husband used to wear pants in the form of caveat, it would not hurt if you ask my husband to replace it with a pair of more loosely (boxer). The goal for the ability to regulate testicular temperature (reduce heat) is not obstructed.
  7. If you have more than a year trying to get pregnant but not pregnant (or old you are more than 35 years of clan is trying to conceive for more than 6 months), it's good if your husband's clan to the obstetrician consulted. Maybe there is a problem in sperm or ova requiring medical action. These problems can be identified through medical tests. Once the problem is found, the doctor will be able to give advice on what actions you need to do.
  8. You and your husband may need to stop smoking, consuming alcohol, drugs or supplements without a doctor's knowledge, then get used to taking drugs clan supplements, or follow the appropriate therapy with doctor ordered.
  9. Diligently to keep in shape by exercising, Berta who follow the diet correctly balk clan


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