Healthy Tips To Get Pregnant

You should learn the following tips for your dream to become pregnant soon realized:

* The best time for conception
It is important to know when the best time for conception in a woman. The best time for conception or fertilization is a time of fertility or ovulation of a woman. What should be noted that the mature egg lives only 24 hours whereas 48-72 hours of live sperm in a woman's body. Therefore, to have sex before ovulation is better to increase the pregnancy than a day or two days afterwards.

* Frequency of sexual relations
Frequency or how often to have sex, it all depends on each couple. There are no specific figures can be sure how many times a person must have sex to get pregnant. There are women who become pregnant with just one other course but requires a longer time. The most important "how often" you had sexual intercourse in the "best time for conception".

* Enjoy your sexual relationship process
Research shows that when a woman reaches orgasm, will form the atmosphere alkaline (base) on which vaginal sperm like from the normal condition of the vagina (acid atmosphere). If you reach orgasm at the same time or shortly after your partner's sperm to ejaculate the opportunity to survive until the cervix is more improved.

* Sexual position
Sex positions recommended to increase the likelihood of pregnancy is the man on top


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