Raja Yoga means the king of all yoga. In raja yoga we usually begin with meditation. There is an underlying philosophy major in it. One might ask why is it necessary to start with a meditation on the first level of raja yoga. The answer is very simple and easy. We are now collecting ourselves at one point that our minds each can leave the habit of hanging around long-established. With this practice we set our minds each on the right path. Because the mind is now changing his habits form. If all this is done our thoughts of course would not go astray.

In the Sahaj Marg system of training we start from Dhyan is the seventh step of Patanjali's Yoga. Set your mind at one point in order to perform meditation. Previous steps are not studied separately, but are automatically entered into the practice when we start with meditation. With so much time and energy saved.

Meditation may be defined as thinking continuously for something or about something.

In a sense, therefore anyone who thinks constantly of something may be said to be involved with a meditation. Ancient teachers both, in the East and the West are taught that as what a person meditation, he will be like a meditated. Therefore, following the opinion that what we meditate we have or to be like so and is the antithesis of this formula, if we want to become something, we should meditate on these desires and nothing else. Therefore, if our goal is to reach the truth or want the outcome to be one with the Most Great, the object of meditation should be the least of these and nothing else.

A place for meditation.

Have a special place for meditation, a special gesture, has a special time. This creates an environment in which once we arrived, we are automatically entered in a meditative, thoughtful mood that these special places that we provide to meditation can you say as an ashram as well.


Sitting in a suitable posture for one hour in the morning with the most natural way. Posture should always be the same. The reason is that this way he found himself linked with enormous strength. The only thing that she received at the outset to achieve a specific goal. Thus a situation where he was associated with a REAL help him a lot as the beginning of the primary.

Position perpendicular to the spine, neck and head in a straight line during meditation has been taught is the most advantageous position since the days of yore. Because the flow of divine majesty is believed abhyasi down directly on the body in such manner. On the way, or our practice, however it is not required. I usually recommend abhyasi to sit properly with good posture. Furthermore even those who take the position really straight, often found automatically give way to an applicant, its position perlaha slowly fell forward, as the emergence of an absorption form of happiness. With so may be considered more naturally even for purposes up to the state of higher consciousness. Actually a debate about something that includes smaller means, likely had nothing to do.

Time for meditation.

Should sit down at dawn for meditation or juka was not possible at certain hours that fit abhyasi. Do not bother with things outside but still busy with your own work, thinking that they are helping you to feel the need for greater absorption in the practice. Good for meditation between the hours of 2 and 4 hours of the morning because that's when the best 24-hour dive.

Why do we have to meditate for an hour?

At the beginning when we begun the meditation, you may not be able to really meditate, even for one minute in time is 1 hour. And over time we are able to meditate, meditation seriously for longer and longer and longer. Because when we started, a lot of wasted time to adjust ourselves to the situation, trying to control over our thoughts, place them on the object of meditation and keep it there.

First we must create a body good, and very often you will find people are not able to do even submarines throughout the period of meditation. They squirmed, turned and tried to find a comfortable position. After that we must begin to assemble kekauata thoughts and feelings.

So if you think over this, you will really appreciate that for proper meditation requires a lot of time. And only when we begin to truly begin the meditation of our development. So that's the problem with meditation, as meditation provides a great deal of promise, all this depends on us. how we do it. And therefore the Master said: "Meditation every day". Because by doing this again and again we gradually increase our ability to take orders over the situation.

So meditate every day and he had explained it to be done at the same time, in the same place, because then your mind automatically become accustomed to what to do. So meditation should be practiced as instructed and the attitudes that have been set. Because then we are automatically entered into a state of meditation at the right time. You know, when the cows milked at the right time, the milk began to drip automatically. See, this is the value of a life on a regular basis.

Can we meditate more than one hour to one-time meditation?

We should not. We must exercise such control that can distinguish the time of our meditation. Can occur sometimes we meditate more than 1 hour. But if you continue to happen then maybe we should keep an alarm clock and get out of the issue. Because of the Sahaj Marg meditation is too much to give a pressure on the brain - every single sitting. Because babuji has said we can sub 1-hour meditation for meditation once, several times in 1 day, if you have time, but not more than 1 hour each time.

It's very possible for 1 hour sitting it seems like only five minutes passed, and for 5 minutes was sitting it looked like 1 hour. Nothing to do with the quality of the transmission. This only shows that there is a change in our understanding of this temporary as we understand.

Why do we have to close my eyes when we meditate?

When we open our eyes, we see the outside world. When we close our eyes, we can divert attention to the situation inside ourselves. Therefore, in meditation we must always close our eyes.

What is the purpose of meditation?

Meditation is a process. This is a process in which we run in order to achieve a goal to be achieved, which is a goal that was set previously or already predetermined. I do not say: "Well, trains are running, let me go wherever the train went. I will stop at Howrah than in Vijayawada, and then too I will come down just because the train had arrived at an intersection or on a final end. Meditation is a training that uses the mind to organize their thoughts with the purpose of our efforts. If our minds can automatically adjust itself, why should we meditate? We've become a saint (Rishis)! As babuji say, the whole purpose of meditation is to hold a screening of this fact of life that the mind is the master / master us. We must become masters of our minds. This limited, we just reverse it. You know, but the program we have to do it. It is like riding a horse. You have to ride the horse and trained him. You can not point to a book and said: "Allow me to back up properly. You must have a good horse! ". You have to go up, you have to bear the risk of thrown a few times. You have to ride gently / carefully, but with full control of its power. You must be sweet but also you have to be firm.

The mind must be arranged with our sadhana and this can be possible only with the initial discipline is used for meditation. This means that a little self-discipline is the first thing needed to produce a greater discipline and the greatest. So there is little discipline is what we need, first physically discipline that little had been used for meditation. Mentally a little discipline is used to try to meditate on what we should meditate. Thereby achieved greater and greater control of our mind regularly over; that leads to physical discipline of a larger and larger as a result thereof. Because the mind that gave input into the body of the works, her wishes. Therefore, meditation is the most important activity, if we intin make our own self-discipline. Because at first it would allow for mental discipline, then this will allow for physical discipline, organize our lives, give peace in it, the mental discipline to produce a larger and larger, resulting in support for yourself, a kind of self sustaining rotation us to make our goals achievable. Therefore, without a bit of discipline can not be achieved objectives. Thus a possible goal to achieve as long as we have discipline in us.

If there is no mental discipline, physical discipline can not occur. That is why we meditate. To get the settings on your mind, make it a discipline, making it possible for us to use them wherever we choose, using your mind, do not use them, use them - thus achieving 100% power of the mind, allowing what has been promised from a yogi of yoga (people who do yoga) will become proficient in whatever he does.

Why we do not meditate on the other points?

Point between the eyebrows. At this point there is a plexus (power center) is located is responsible for distributing power through the system, the power of life - Shakti, that is what we call in Sanskrit. When a person meditating on this point, people will have the ability or the will to reach the ability to control the course shaktinya. The same reason applies to meditate at a point in the nose. We have been told, here you will gain some extra power of a different, such as the ability to see something that you can not see with your eyes, smell something that you can not kiss the nose.

Sahaj Marg in power can not do anything to increase the spiritual. In fact one developed to the highest and one day someone out of his body into the afterlife. All power, all the other things that have been achieved, was left behind here. So what do people do with power? Strength is something that people use while he was in the temporary world, life and all this while could decline.

Why we do not meditate on the object and the other forms?

How do I meditate on the sacred? My master said, "As long as you meditate on a limited form, the name of a limited, there is no restriction. When you call Shiva, he was just a Shiva, perhaps with a three-edged weapon, and this, and it and the snake around his neck. When you call Vishnu, he is only a Vishnu ". So my Master said, "Go beyond these forms, they are only natural agents. Which one is the creator god, one god keeper, the one god of destruction. They are just agents. The main principles are what you call the ITS which has no name, no shape, no symbols. He did not form, so the system we do not have form. He was not named, so we do not have a mantra.

If we try to meditate with the system or 2 or 2 teachers are 2 different things at war in our minds, even though that one was good, we really are destroying ourselves. Therefore recall again. Meditate only by the system, whatever system you use. If you want to follow the way of Sahaj Marg meditation, you have to do a complete, total, exclusion of others. We can not have 2 God, we can not have 2 methods, we can not have 2 same current flowing in the mind.It is not possible.

Why do we meditate on the heart?

  1. The heart is the seat of God. So when you want to approach God through the existing system to you, you approach it with felt the presence of Him in your heart. God says in the Gita: "I was at the heart of every living creature of God".
  2. The heart is the place where human life, human character in the set.
  3. The heart is the master of life, in the heart where if there is, we live. If the heart stops working, We also stopped to life.
  4. The heart is the place where the blood circulation starts and stops. You know the blood is an essential element of the most important for the human system. Because darahlah carrying nutrients to every part of the body, bringing back waste products of life, flow into the lungs, clear, and then flow back to all parts of the body systems.

So the heart and blood or a component part which is very important in our lives and if the cleaning done here, is already include all the existing systems. And therefore we cleanse the liver, put love into our hearts, this is what we try to do in Sahaj Marg. In many ways we try to make use of the catchment of the unique strengths, the strength of love, the power of the spiritual work of the Master into the heart, from where it then spreads through the entire system.

Master put himself, his seed into the hearts and therefore, if we receive the seed in a way that we must accept it, a miracle happened that each of us to be children master in everything needed by a child.

We must melunakan our hearts, make a rock into liquid again, gently. What is the first sign of this kelunakan has come in you? Tears! The people of meditation and they began to cry without knowing why they were tears out of his eyes. This is the first sign that the heart has started to melt. While violence such as the heart of this rock has been lost and the heart has become soft and gentle, Master fashioned into what He wants.

Sahaj Marg associated with heart, Sahaj Marg worked on the heart, Sahaj Marg worked with heart. We send you something from the heart. Careful that we change. What was the point man other than her heart? And there he described how the man - generous, kind, evil-hearted, cruel-hearted, cold hearted and so on. This is how we describe people.

Today we do not understand ourselves, how we can understand other people? People who understand themselves to understand each person. People who do not understand his own, can not understand anything. How to obtain this understanding? Sit and meditation. Concentrate on the heart and then see in you a very great beauty, a very good mystery there.

Thoughts changed as the liver.

With meditation I clean my understanding means the mind. As babuji said: "basic instrument". "For you and for the destruction of your resurrection". No one can completely destroy you like that done by the mind, if you think wrong, no one can help lift you to God as can be done by the mind. Therefore, in the techniques of raja yoga, the mind that we use, the mind that we made the master, the mind that we use. But after doing that, the whole was transferred to the liver. As we mentioned in terms of mental yoga: now the heart becomes the mind. We think with our hearts, we look with hearts, we listen with our hearts, we speak with heart, the liver has become of me. You see, this is the magic of spirituality, that we make all of life with the mind set, with a gain extraordinary control or setting the mind. Now we are able to recognize the wisdom of having to move all the awareness, the tools associated with the notion to heart. Then began the real spirituality.

Meditation is wait.

Clear your mind. Clear all the contents - the good, the bad, the desirable, which is not fun - it all. Open the door. Patience. Hold on. Samskara too much in you. Do not worry about him. You stop creating samskara. I'll let go of what is in you and make you ready for such vehicles as what to put in you to come and occupy the right position in your heart.

Clean your heart, Purify, made everything ready and waiting for the appearance of the Master. Waiting is really going to let a complete process. You start a process and then wait. You put the potatoes into a saucepan, meletakannya on the fire and then wait. Wait states an understanding of many things. Someone who can wait for a person who has the trust and therefore he has the patience to wait. He has confidence because he knew that what was begun must end. Can not be stopped. Therefore, the element of trust into. Trust is what is behind the ability to wait. Belief can move mountains. When I have faith in the DIA, the strength he had to flow into me. It is like if there is empty space, then the power will be drawn to HIM I.

Wait no bounds. Therefore endure waiting or taking part on an unlimited characters. Considering it means spending time in small parts, the parts are different in what we call seconds, minutes, hours. So far they say the waiting is capable of being in the infinity. Therefore a adalh Master can always wait.

So wait kemampuna to show patience and confidence, the ability to wait for long periods showed greater confidence and greater. The ability to wait indefinitely to show that belief is not limited. So here we have the capacity to develop. Please understand that life is waiting. If we are wrong life activity, then we are more stupid than animals. Waiting is the command. Obtain it is not your responsibility. When we menuggu - HE gives.

We really make things happen without doing anything. I do not call God to enter into me. SHE was already there. I do not even have to clean myself. Master Preceptor and that will do it. I just had to submit myself to the patient. I must be willing to accept. The only way to make things happen without doing anything is through meditation.

Object and methods of meditation.

In our system, abhyasi recommended for meditation on the heart, think that the light of God was there. But abhyasi directed to not see the light in any form, such as a light bulb or a candle and so on. In this light appears there will not be real. But the man described by his own creative speculation. A abhyasi advisable to start with a mere light pengandaikan assuming that God is at the bottom. What happens then is that we meditate on the most subtle things that we must earn.

Method of meditation on the heart is to think of God's light in there. When you begin to meditate in this way, please consider that only the light of God that is in there that attract you. Do not mind if the thoughts from the outside often membayangimu during meditation. Let them come, but continued to do the work yourself. Treat the thoughts and images as uninvited guests. If however pikrian still bothers you, think that it is the Master's mind, not your mind. The process of meditation is very effective and will never fail in giving the desired results.

You just have to meditation. You do not have to struggle with thoughts that usually come during meditation. Concentration is an automatic result of a natural and meditation. Those who insist on meditation and concentration when forced to do so, usually will find a failure. Meditation on the light in our hearts as God's own light is present in the liver. Think about IT again and again. Think DIA until you can think HIM continuously for as what you think, you will become what you think. In this system of meditation only in the Supreme and the abstract, because the meditation on the smaller objects can only be brought to the performance or achievements of the smaller, disappointing its intended purpose.

Master I acknowledge that the Most High and the abstract as an object of meditation is very difficult for a beginner. Therefore, he determines the light as the first object, the method to be imagined that the hearts illuminated from within by the presence of God who resides within. I must emphasize that this is only the beginning and we really do not advisable to meditate on the light as a light source, because it will produce the wrong results. This is like a diving board at the pool, where the board allows the diver to gain enough momentum to go and after a diver off, the board has no more use for divers.

What you experience in meditation?

Meditation can be defined as an activity that resulted in several people close relationship with God. We meditate on the abstract, amorphous, not named. Because the Supreme does not have the form and do not have names, nor has the quality or symbols. Therefore, an important teaching of my master is God can only be felt in his presence. And his presence is that we try to feel during meditation. And say, when we meditate with closed eyes, we are able to absorb more and more the essence of God which we all aspire and raise ourselves slowly until the time came, the majesty and grace we almost similar to SHE.

The light in the heart is the most abstract concept that can you receive. Has no form, no materials, no weight. So that as a starting point, after we take solemn meditation and more thoughtfully, will reveal to us from within ourselves, with the glory of God and with our efforts, that this is the unity of 2 things - who is God or what God is real wealth . And certainly there are times, when one day we can say: "I have a suspicion about whether all that, not because I have seen it or felt it but because I already feel it.

This is the experience that most elusive of all events, that I feel holy, because I was holiness. So God can not be the object of knowledge, can not be the object of vision, can not be expressed with the vision. But as I said the Master, when we meditate and meditation are correct and successful as they should, we gradually take whatever we can glean from godly sources, with gradually purify ourselves, even to the extent not yet nothing man can say, "I am the Lord". You may be like God in every thing, in every quality, in each of which can be anything you imagined. But God is God and you remain a follower of simple - no doubt will be purified to the highest level possible - but nevertheless, "He is the One, I was me!".

Always try to be ready alert to what is happening and sensitivity will develop. Many people meditate. But sorry I have to say that of them do not know what is going on in the system during meditation. Because they do not pay attention to what is happening. Someone must stand ready for a transmission and actions by the system. New pleasures of the real meditation begins. Does anyone have experience or not, the transmission will work and complete the task. But the real joy comes when we know what we have gained.

Is common to feel a headache, anger, great drowsiness immediately after meditation?

This was unusual, but this can sometimes happen. It may well be feeling when you feel sleepy at all in solemn meditation. When you feel solemn meditation on the life of our soul take over. And so we want to become inactive and therefore we want to lie down and sleep and something happens like this.

I also felt for several years a great headache after meditation. The more solemn meditation, the stronger the headache. If the headache comes, we put up with or keep it. It can also sometimes come for the same reason such as race drowsiness or lethargy. Because meditation is good to obey, we hope to relax and calm, and when our friends, brothers and sisters to come and bother us, we feel irritated. All of this in some way related to the same reason. But we do not have to care about it.

How to meditate

There are 3 ways of meditation.
  1. We sit as abhyasi and meditation on the light in the heart.
  2. A higher level when we think, I mean when we sit in meditation and meditation in the form of a Master, in the heart.
  3. Stage is when the Masters began to meditate on abhyasi. And this is a very rare occurrence happens. You see someone like that should be born and a Master really blessed when he obtained a Master student in whom to meditate!

Can I meditate on the form of a Master?

Meditation on the form of a Master is considered to begin only if these forms arose spontaneously in front of us and they even have naturally. If you try to force these forms yourself for meditation, this is not natural. Of course babuji start meditation on the form of master from day one. For others like us, we have to wait until our loyalty to the Master so much, our love for him was so great, just as it was when we seek the light in our hearts, we see him there.

The second is when a form appeared, we should meditate on all forms, not just on his face. Must be from Feet to the head, it should be there. Now when it is contrived, and people take the form of Master for meditation, they just take his course. For the Master, babuji, it may happen, because when babuji view master, babuji develop 100% loyalty to him. Therefore, he can begin to meditate on the form master. This does not apply to us all. There is a third stage. And that's when the form is also disappearing from the heart. And I think we arrive at the Masters level without a glint of light call. So we have the first level of light in the heart, when people occasionally see the light itself as something shining. Once we go, into the light without any features, just the thought that the light was there.

So at the first level of refinement we have a kind of light that is more dirty very smooth light. New thoughts on loyalty, brought into the Master's heart. And most if not all abhyasi, it stopped there. I mean, the thought of the Master in the liver, the presence of the Master continuing, you see.

The third level, when the form is missing, no nothing in my heart, no light, no forms, no nothing. I think that's the most difficult and extremely rare condition. This is also very difficult because they have to meditate on that are not nothing, or nothing at all is almost impossible. Another difficulty is that we become engaged in an emotional way to the shape of the Masters and we are not willing to let go. I think the third level is only possible when we can love without the love of the Master himself. I would recommend that the condition of all the love, that love the shape was moved into the essence of love that has no form.

What will we gain by meditation?

The first step of Yoga Sahaj Marg emergency is, "Try to bring all thoughts into a solid beam and focusing it. And meditation activity is expected to be obtained here.

When? How? Why?


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