Printer is the output of hardware devices (hardware) to print text or graphics on paper adan other print media allows. We have a variety of printers.

Based on the technology used, the printer can dikelasifikasikan as follows:

  1. Daisy-wheel: Similar to a typewriter menngunakan plastic or metal (like a hammer), which is printed every letter that will print such a letter by pressing the tape. Printer type that can only print letters and graphics.
  2. Dot-matrix: this printer to print characters with emphasis on the ribbon ink pin. Each pin produces a point, and the combination of these points form the characters or illustrations.
  3. Ink-jet: this printer emits ink on paper. This type of printer can produce text and graphics with high quality.
  4. Laser: This printer uses the same technology on a copier. These printers can produce text and graphics with a very high quality.
  5. LCD & LED: This printer is similar to a laser printer, but uses liquid crystals (liquid crystals) or light emitting diode (light-emitting diodes).
  6. Line printer: the printer comprises a chain of characters or pins that print the entire line at a time. This printer is very fast but with low quality.
  7. Thermal printer: this printer using a heated pin to press the paper with heat sensitive. These printers are widely used in calculators and fax machines.

Printer can also be classified based on the following characteristics.

  1. Print quality or print the output generated by the printer.
  2. Print speed measured by the characters per second, or pages per minute.
  3. Impact or non-impact related to the working system printers. Printer with daisy-wheel technology, dot-matrix, and line printers are impact printers, and laser printers with technology and ink-jet is a non-impact printer. The second important difference is the type of printer in kegaduhannya. Impact printer is more noisy than the non-impact printer.
  4. Printing capabilities associated with the text and graphics. Some printers can print only text and others can print text and graphics.
  5. Font or typeface that can be printed. For example, dot-matrix printers can print only a few fonts. In contrast, laser printers and ink-jet printers capable of printing fonts that almost infinite.


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