how to avoid the stove exploded

Gas explosions usually occur because of leaking gas cylinders. Gas cylinder will explode or burn if involved three elements as well as the existence of air (oxygen), temperature, and the gas itself out.

The explosion would occur if the gas mixture in the air at around four percent at a certain temperature. However, the gas stove will light normal to the gas levels below it. The greater the gas that came out, the more stinging smell you smell gas. Therefore, there are several ways to deal with gas leaks in your home:

1. At first the gas comes out of the odorless gas.
However, you do not need to worry, because the gas is out of gas cylinders have been added such odoran (penimbul substance specific odor). The purpose is to alert you immediately if the gas levels exceed the capacity out.

2. Examine the parts of the stove and your gas cylinder.
Leaks can be caused because the stove is not sealed, leaky hoses, hose connection or the stove is not meeting, or the regulator is not working properly.

3. Do not panic if you smell gas stung.
Quickly open the doors and windows. Then, pull the regulator and turn off the faucet installed stove. Avoid lighting candles, matches, cigarettes, or electrical switches that could cause a fire.

4. If leakage has occurred, you immediately find the source of the leak.
How to look at the way workers search for the source of the tire patched leaks in tires. Apply soapy water at the suspected leak. Then, soapy water will bubble at the leaking section.

5. If the fire was already burning, try not to spray with water or other fire.
This way it can put the fire out, but gas is still flowing to potentially cause an explosion. So the best way is to stop the flow of gas by closing the tap stove. In order for the tube does not come off, wet the tube with cold water or wet sacks.


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