7 Ways to Improve Concentration

Some people can concentrate for a long period of time. But, if you yourselves short attention span, you yourselves can certainly focus on something that really interests you yourselves. And you yourselves can increase the ability to concentrate when you yourselves yourselves really trying for it.
Here, some tips for yourselves, that you yourselves can concentrate ... Listen carefully ...

  1. Try to make a quantum study as a special place just for learning, there was a commotion guns, toys, or even computer-even.
  2. Start with a short learning session only. Add time to study quantum five or ten minutes every day until you yourselves targets.
  3. Make small targets and to self congratulate yourselves alone when the target was achieved.
  4. Strive for dear life to be interested in what you yourselves have learned. If the subject that makes you yourselves bored, looking for friends who love it and ask why. Read articles, magazines, watch a video about the topic, or surf the Internet, do not chat on dong! - Looking for material on the subject. Come to school armed with questions to ask your teacher in the classroom.
  5. Some of us type "sparrow"-a morning person. Sebagianlaginya type "owl" guys night. Guns owls like to learn in the morning and sparrow sleepy at night. When the time is right for you yourselves? Learn at that time.
  6. Stay active. Make notes, underline, write down questions, coloring, drawing diagrams, reading aloud, and test yourself with questions.
  7. If you yourselves getting tired or distracted, stop. Stand up, stretch, jump, chew apple-reply there too! kalo ngga ada, yes pretending chewing or nap, if you yourselves was really needed.


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