EVACUATION way that harassing insects in your house

Maybe you often experience a sense of disgust with the existence of certain insects which often roam in your home.

Here are some tips / ways to get rid of insects that may be useful for you.

1. Ants drive

Ant afraid of sour taste. How to drive an ant: fresh orange juice we split it in half, squeeze and Squirt on the route along the path of ants. Also apply the lemon pulp in the path through which the ants. This is a free remedy poison, no pollution and safe!

2. Mosquitoes drive

The smell of garlic, spicy and most feared stung by mosquitoes. If you want to drive out mosquitoes, but should be diligent in cleaning up the environment, so if possible, the best way is to plant garlic. If not, can also putting garlic in a net bag and hang it on a lot nyamuknya area. In such conditions, the most vicious mosquitoes would not dare to approach!

3. Cockroaches drive

Cockroach smell fear. To overcome the most like a cockroach hiding in the kitchen (the kitchen usually wet), then we take a cut bar of soap into small pieces. Then this soap pieces we put in a small bowl (or other) water-filled sufficiently, then we put this bowl in a place where ordinary cockroach appeared. Not until a few days, cockroaches will disappear without a trace. But it should be routinely added to clean water in the soap earlier, thus the new results could continue. If there are small children in the home, it must be vigilant to maintain security; not to fall for


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