Tips Taming Prostate Problems

As we have seen, most of us will experience this prostate problem, either once or more, as we age. However, there are doctors who believe that you can reduce the likelihood and ease the impact of this disease through several changes in diet and lifestyle. Here's how.

Regular ejaculation. How, you may take the wise option. Clearly, this allows the channel is not clogged expenses.

Lowers cholesterol. In the body, cholesterol is converted into testosterone. Based on the observation of the enlarged prostate tissue have very high cholesterol content. Some doctors mengaktakan can relieve symptoms, if they did not successfully reduce the size of the prostate, by asking their patients lower total cholesterol in their blood to 200 mg / dl (milligrams of cholesterol per deciliter of blood) or less, as the American Heart Association recommendations.

Reduce fat intake. Avoid foods rich in fat such as red meat, dairy products, and fried, says Dr. Goldberg. Limit servings of red meat dish, fish, or chicken And, no more than 90 grams a day.

Expand vegetables. Male hormone levels are not so high in those who eat more vegetables, and it may explain why BPH is not found in cultures with more practice eating vegetables, he said. Goldberg.

No shortage of zinc. Patients with prostate disorders tend to lack of zinc in their bodies, said Paul M. Block, MD, a urology specialist who opened a private practice in Phoenix. Recommended Dietary Allowance for zinc is 15 milligrams per day. Drinking zinc supplements or eating foods rich in zinc such as oysters and herring, may balk for you. In cereals, grains, bran, milk, and legumes also contain this mineral.

Limit the food is very stimulating and alcohol. Both can increase the irritation in the bladder, especially if you suffer from BPH, says Dr. Block. Alcohol can be very harmful, because it serves suppress the central nervous system that makes the muscles throughout the body becomes limp, including the muscles of the bladder. As a result urine detained.

Exercise. Indeed, there is no specific sports for prostate health, but drinking lots of water, and sexual intercourse regularly can reduce the risk. What is clear, many doctors observed that the man was fit rarely have prostate problems than their more sedentary.

Do not sit too long. Sitting too long make you depressed prostate too long, says Dr. Goldberg. If your job requires more sitting, get up and walk around for a moment for your own good.

Do not hold your urine. If you often need to pee, people usually recommend that you keep practicing as long as possible. This way of thinking is wrong, especially in this case. you really can hurt yourself by holding on too long, "said Patrick C. Walsh, MD, professor and chief of urology
Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. "If the urine is being held too long, your kidneys can be damaged." Go into the bathroom as soon as you feel needed.

Avoid drinking after dark. Do not drink after six or seven evening, when your sleep is often disrupted for example, more than twice in one night by a desire to urinate, he said. Block. Whether day or night, limit drinks containing caffeine. This makes you more frequent urination and not good for the bladder, because it makes as though it was full but not yet.

Bath. Sit in a warm water bath for 20 minutes at least once a week, Dr suggestions. Block. Warmth will seep into the pelvis and increases blood flow in there, reduce muscle tension and, hopefully also swelling.


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