How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Penile erection could be disrupted. Disruption can be temporary or in long enough for life even if not treated. Temporary disruption can occur due to minor disturbances such as too tired, lack of sleep, stress and others. After sleep or rest, will return to normal erections. Usually this problem can be over by using herbs and traditional recipes.

Having overcome the problems that cause stress disappear, erection can be recovered. Similarly, acute illnesses such as colds, diarrhea, fever and others. Such circumstances it would cause an erection decreases. But because the disease was clear, no problems arise. Wife will understand. After all the pain decreased sexual desire and his wife had received that do not require. After the disease cured, some time later went back to normal erections.

An erection time can go down without a known cause of the obvious. At the time of coitus with his wife, sometimes can be hard erection but when will penetrate soft again. There is also a feeling at the beginning of the normal, can penetrate, but in the middle of the road erection down. And the even tougher during courtship is also an erection is not hard. At the time of his wife holding a penis, the penis remains soft. Some time later tried again, but can not be a normal erection.

If several unsuccessful attempts, most men would be frightened. "Oh, why is this? Is erection I can return to normal? Does this noise will continue? How my wife? It could be later tempted by another man." Various kinds of worries and anxieties arise. In such a situation would be weaker erections. The spirit of living down. The relationship of husband and wife became cold and sometimes quarrel, a husband and wife.

In addition, also the wife will be disappointed. There are up angry. There is also a suspicious husband who fell in love or having an affair with another woman. According to her husband's mind in good health, of had a normal erection, why the sudden can not afford anymore. According to his mind is not possible without a cause. So, arise in his mind that her husband had been perverted.

In such circumstances, the wife accused her husband did not love him anymore.
In re-erection is not going to recover for some time, there are husbands who allow and even encourage surrender his wife to perform coitus with another man so that his wife did not suffer. Husband admitted mistakes or weaknesses. This means that even marriage could be destroyed household for erectile dysfunction.

In the above circumstances there is a quick acting and was treated to an expert. Because rapid treatment interruption was not until long, and generally restored erections easily, and the relationship of husband and wife returned to normal. However, some doubt and hesitated for a long does not take action. Finally, ongoing erectile dysfunction and the couple can even get divorced suffer as a result.

Other patients are encouraged and even forced by his wife. There's wife threatened divorce if the husband did not seek treatment. Husband forced to think and treatment. If this action quickly done, erections will likely recover sooner and life husband and wife will be happy again.

There is also a husband who embarrassed treatment. This is precisely the most. According to feelings, sexual disorders, life is not worth the bedroom open to others, including the doctor. Embarrassed, the disease allowed to continue. Therefore, there is a request for a divorce the wife truly and finally completely divorced. There is also the wife of an affair with another man. There is bickering continues endless. As a result of all marriages fall apart.

Things like the above do not need to happen and not be ashamed. Almost all men who have experienced weaker erections that failed coitus. It is impossible for a normal life and coitus erection satisfactory. The reason is because the penis has no bone, the penis consists of a network of cavities are soft nature. Only when filled with blood and then a big penis can be hard. But if erectile failed several times, should immediately act to get the right treatment so quickly recovered. So, do not be ashamed because almost all men have.

By delaying treatment / consultation, then the disease more severe erectile dysfunction. Part of the reason is the chronic diseases that are not visible from the outside, but continued to deteriorate in the body. Some occur because of severe stress or conflict is a serious couple. Left untreated, the disease causes in the body such as diabetes mellitus, liver disease and others will be more severe. Husband and wife conflict worse. Erectile dysfunction is more difficult to cure and eventually destroyed all life.

In the past 10 years, knowledge about the physiology of erection, causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction is known. Almost no longer erectile dysfunction disorder of unknown process.

Likewise, therapy and medication were nearing full. With these advances is that erectile dysfunction treatment be done very quickly to help speed healing. When the new erectile dysfunction lasts about 1-3 months without serious cause or without an accompanying diseases (comorbidities) are serious, most of the disorders can be cured of erectile dysfunction in such a short time about 1 month. What is important to immediately seek treatment specialists, diseases cured, life returned to normal and happy family.


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