How to Stimulate woman with pheromones

For those of you that until this dream difficult to attract women can bersengan heart. Has been to find a perfume to enhance the level you have pheromones.

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Natural response of the opposite sex in the trigger by a hormone known as pheromones. Pheromones to be developed after thorough research on insects that emit certain substances naturally from within him as he pulled the opposite sex. The term was first pheromones diperkalkan by scientist Peter Karlson and Martin L├╝scher in 1959.

Each of periods or menstruation, a woman will produce pheromones compounds in large quantities. The science of pheromones and then utilized to determine information about a woman ovulation. In addition, pheromones also learned to seek to do with how to obtain a suitable partner.

Some studies mentioned that there are some substances that can be petrified pheromones attract men naturally a woman's heart. Substance is produced naturally by the body every day. The man with the production of substances that are usually much easier to attract the hearts of women.

A man who excrete pheromones from his body will be in the response by the female organs through detection devices called the Vomeronasal Organ or VNO called. VNO is located in the hole in the nose section.

When the VNO receives a signal substance is a natural pheromone organs will be sent directly to the brain via the nervous system that will soon menresponnya with a variety of physiological signs such as increased heart rate, sweating or increased sexual desire.

Want your body produces substances continuously pheromones? It turned out that our lifestyles make your body produce less pheromone substance. Deodorant, perfume, cream turned out to be the cause of the declining levels of pheromones in the body.


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