One way to know the symptoms of erectile dysfunction is to measure the level of penile erection. Normal penile erection is a condition in which enlarged and hardened penis. How hard erection is rarely noticed. But if erections occurred disturbed or erectile dysfunction, erection size will be very important.

As for the signs of a normal erection, management and hardware are as follows:

  1. When the penis is held or squeezed will feel hard,
  2. The penis can not be bent because of stiff, so often called timber,
  3. When shaken, the penis will sway and vibrate and then back to its original position.
Things had been going since a little boy born until old age. At the time the infants and children, erection occurs by itself without any deliberate or unconscious by the child himself.

After the erection puberty usually will occur because of sexual stimulation from within or from outside himself. Stimulation of the self occurs because there thoughts or fantasies about sex and the penis becomes erect. Stimulation from the outside is due to sexual stimulation of interest received by faculty and can arouse sexual desire.

There are several factors that cause the penis becomes erect. Normally the penis will grow and harden in certain circumstances such as the erection is at night or early morning, an erection that arise because of the stimulation is psychosexual stimulation and physical stimulation such as masturbation or doing masturbation, erections during a date with a spouse or when there sexual activity, and erections while reading or watching.

Above circumstances is a normal erection state ranging from infants to adults. After the teens to older adults and even penile erection becomes very important. With a hard erection, every man becomes convinced myself and happy to himself because he felt normal sexual function. For those who are married, can enjoy coitus with his wife. Wife also pleased and proud to be husband. Be a husband and wife are excited, pleased and happy


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