Regedit restore the virus terdisable

Regedit is very important in computer systems, because all the hardware (hardware) and software (the software) or recorded register there. Because it is a very important facility in the windows operating system so that any virus makers direct attack on this registry. I've posted an article on restore folder options, task manager, Home Run on the Start Menu windows, and everything that can be rectified in the regedit editor.

Well how about that in itself regedit disabled by virus, how to restore it so we can fix other problems like folders option missing or does not exist in Windows Explorer, the Run menu that does not exist in the start menu, or even the Task Manager is not working .

Now how to restore Regedit damaged / lost / terdisable, Task Manager that terdisable, Folder Options missing and restore the Run menu you can read here in Learning Computer Science.

I have yet to make his own script regedit to fix it myself but there's a website that provides the facility to fix the regedit and task manager, to download please brows in or can be directly clicked here, the name of the software is to restore the registry fix v1.0 regedit and task managaer fix to fix the task manager which can be downloaded free of charge directly.

Once downloaded simply run it and click OK, and the results you can see for yourself.
As a suggestion to clean the virus on your computer first before doing repair regedit, task manager, folder options or other computer problems are caused by a virus attack.


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