Full but Flash Disk File Not Visible

Never experienced anything like this, check the Flash Disk when in fact no files are visible but why say full (full) when I saw the flash disk capacity.
If you ever experience means that caused the virtual world VIRUS thugs that hide the existing files on flash disk.

I myself have never experienced but friends who often bring these problems to me and Miqdaad use simple ways to find out what exactly the contents of the flash disk and as a result all these data could be returned safely.

Want to know how simple? come with me in simple steps to restore the files that are not visible in the following flash disk.

First run the Command Prompt by clicking Start-Run and type CMD then ENTER or you can by clicking the Start-All Programs-Accessories-Command Prompt.

But first make sure that the Flash Disk is installed on the USB port on your computer CPU.

After the Flash Disk is installed and you are located in the Command Prompt, then type in the next endangered DOS commands at the command prompt using the format command is:

c: \> F: ENTER

The above command is a command to move from drive C (hard disk) into drive F, assuming that the flash disk drive is drive F

f: \> DIR / ah ENTER

Referred to above command is to display the files with A = Attribute H = hidden so that hidden files can be viewed includes any folder.

After seeing the file-file then the next is to move those files to another folder on the hard disk that can read how to type the following command:

before me a copy of those files, first create a new folder with the following command:


Command to create a new folder or directory on drive C, if you want to create a folder in D drive then change the command becomes:


In the above command then a new folder with the name DATABACKUP already made on the C drive or drives D.
After that he continued follow these instructions:


with the above command, all files residing in the flash disk into drive C has tercopy DATABACKUP folder.

Until there is not over when you have multiple folders in the flash disk, because the above command can not copy folders but only files only.

Now that's easy to let the folder then you should remember the name of an existing folder in flash disk (if you forget the note just scared) after performing the command DIR / ah so that later can be opened in Windows Explorer.

The trick is to go first to the windows explorer after that on the address select drive f (flash disk drive, then still on the address type the following command

\ \ Namadirectori ENTER. (Example \ \ DATA and then press enter)

With these commands, all existing files in the folder will appear. If you have not seen too try clicking the Tools menu, Folder Options and then click the View tab on the menu and the Hidden Files and Folders select Show Hidden Files And Folders.

Good luck ...


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